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  1. I doubt anywhere in the UK is as clean and law abiding as Singapore.
  2. Ok, fair comment, I can see that the thread is being a bit derailed. I think the customs and borders impact on the Island will be pretty limited, even if it does significantly change the actual numbers coming and going would not be delayed that much by additional passport control. Overall, at a more general level, I do not think that the average UK citizen will experience any real change when leaving the country. They need a passport now and will need a passport then. Going on your holidays is not a freedom of movement issue. I think that there is likely to be a significant impact from Brexit on the finance and e-gambling sectors. The UK is going to be affected and there are always ripples onto the IoM. Only time will tell how big that actual impact is. I can see no reason why the IoM should (or want) to join the UK.
  3. See, you just have trouble expressing yourself. The use of the term equal changes the tone and sentiment completely.
  4. "I don't support the "we're all the same" concept, we're not, nor that all societies and "cultures" are equal, they're not." If something isn't equal it can only be greater or lesser, superior or inferior. I refer back to my earlier comment that perhaps you just have trouble expressing what you actually mean.
  5. Then stick to the subject, you're the one who started with some people being better than others. Not for the first time though.
  6. Seems you can't even remember what you posted a mere three hours ago. Maybe you just have trouble expressing what you mean.
  7. Sorry, you are simply wrong on this point and do not appear to want to accept it. Prejudice and discrimination are not in themselves automatically racist. A person can be prejudice or discriminatory because of many things other that race or creed. For example I can be prejudice against someone because of the football team they support if I chose to be. Of course holding racist views (the belief that a particular creed or colour of person is superior) can lead to prejudicial views or discriminatory actions. I was taught that in school well over thirty years ago and I'm pretty sure the actual dictionary definitions have not changed.
  8. No, try reading a dictionary. Racism is the belief that a creed or colour is superior to any other. You have clearly expressed that view. Prejudice is not necessarily related solely to racism. Prejudice is simply prejudging some one or thing based on your beliefs. Discrimination is acting on those beliefs. This is nothing new and is not political correctness.
  9. Seriously! Ok, you're either trolling, beyond help or senile.
  10. You are being called out on your racism has little to do with any of the above, at least it doesn't for me. The majority who voted did so to leave the EU, so that has to happen and is happening. Whether that is a good, bad or mixed thing is probably something that could only be evaluated in the future after sufficient time has passed to see the consequences. I believe you are being called out on your racism not because of your stance on leaving the EU but rather on your general stance on other creeds and colour. You have on numerous occasions on numerous threads outlined your belief that not all creeds and colours are equal, I am repeating myself but that is the dictionary definition of racism. By all means be a racist but don't try playing some sort of victim card when you are challenged about it.
  11. Rog, sorry but believing that all societies and "cultures" (which can only be your way of avoiding saying other creeds and colours) are not equal is the dictionary definition of racism. By all means subscribe to that if you want but don't deny it.
  12. I believe that volunteering is the proper term for joining the army, it probably derives from medieval times. I assume a nuclear bounty payment is nothing to do with eating radioactive coconut flavoured chocolate.
  13. I don't think it should be lowered to 16 either, 18 seems the right age to me. Sorry, I am very tolerant but many of Rog's views are abhorrent, I'm pretty sure he says a lot of them purely for effect though.
  14. Because it has been long accepted that you become an adult at 18. Why should adults be denied democratic rights for 12 (or how ever many) years? Do you think the voting age shout be increased?
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