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  1. In your opinion, this is clearly going nowhere and not helpful to debate, I'll leave it there. Vote result due soon.
  2. No, just interested in the area of manufacturing not everything you've ever made. Presumably you accept there is a difference between carneted goods and export sales? Different rules.
  3. If I were a betting man I'd say that planning approval will never be implemented.
  4. If you use carnets your goods must be a temporary export. What do you manufacture that is re-exported within 12 months? The only carnets we use are for our travelling salesmen who go outside of the EU. As you will no doubt know, carnets have different rules and a different status to full imports/exports.
  5. I am not making anything up, I have to go to the chamber of commerce to get certificates of origins signed and stamped. Obviously, I am talking about where am I, I cannot say how it works where you are. You are not a manufacturer, perhaps it is different for service providers?
  6. I am not a truck driver but I do export our goods around the world. You are not a manufacturer, perhaps it is different for service providers?
  7. Yes, it can also require visits to the chamber of commerce to get things signed and stamped. All costs time and money. Export and imports between EU countries doesn't require any of that.
  8. If I don't understand it then UPS, DHL, TNT and various haulage firms must not understand it either, because from the beginning of this week and until further notice they will not take any deliveries to the UK without full customs clearance and completed paperwork. Maybe it is just different for moving mobile discos across borders. At the moment no customs paperwork is required for goods moving from any EU member country to the UK. Even if no specific additional declaration is required to move goods imported from the EU into Northern Ireland and then onwards into England, Wales or Scotland, it will still be necessary for customs declarations to get them into Northern Ireland in the first place. That is an additional level of paperwork that did not previously exist, which I do not see as being the end of the world but it is different to what you claim ("having to print more of the same documents that you need now"). Goods exported from the UK to the EU will require customs declarations, something that is not necessary at the moment, so again that will be different to what you claim. I don't see any of that a problem or a sticking point, but to say that there will be no additional paperwork is naive.
  9. I like to think that Barry was at every major historical event, ever, in the entire history of mankind.
  10. Wow, Woody referencing The Guardian, we are living in strange times.
  11. I wasn't aware that you manufactured anything, rather that you provided a service. I thought you were a sound and vision events type person (no idea what that is called in the trade)? I work for a manufacturing company based in the EU, exports to other EU countries do not need any paperwork (unless you count the standard delivery note that accompanies all deliveries). The export of goods with a value over 1000€ to non EU countries require a minimum of signed and stamped declarations of origin cerificates (which can be combined with the delivery note) and the documentation showing an MRN (Movement Reference Number) from Customs. To get an MRN you have to enter the order details (weights, value, origins, customs numbers, etc.) into the Customs system and wait for their clearance. Exports to some countries require even more documentation (certificates of origin signed by the chamber of commerce) and some even require clearance against being a dual use item (generally something that could be used for other purposes, normally weapon related).
  12. Not true. Exports from EU to EU countries do not require customs declarations. It will be up to the UK to set their levels for requiring customs declarations, but it is normally anything over 1000 pound. From that level the export will have to be declared to customs and sent with the associated paperwork. Its not the end of the world but it is not the same as simply printing more of the same documents.
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