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  1. Why, they aren't legal to use. Are you Gerald Batten? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/brexit-protest-london-ukip-gerard-batten-water-cannon-police-a8845026.html%3famp
  2. It’s a shame he never really took to using his double barrelled surname after Joseph kicked Mary into touch (immaculate conception my arse!) and married Sharon Superstar.
  3. And more repetition, maybe you best get yourself to the doctor.
  4. Alzheimer's, you're the one repeating yourself.
  5. I think you might need to check your cache, your browser appears to be reposting your earlier posts.
  6. Getting back on topic, what are people’s thoughts on reconstruction. I know it might be controversial but rather than replacing the roof and spire with a copy of the original how about something glass that show how the building actually works? Buildings change and evolve over time, for example the spire was a 19th century add on.
  7. No need to start with the whole passive aggressive thing. They are stories, news stories, its a universally accepted term. They are random as they are not specifically about Notre Dame, they do not provide any prove or otherwise of what actually happened at Notre Dame. What do you think happened at Notre Dame?
  8. Ok, then presumably you would accept that linking to random stories about attacks on other churches does not mean that a specific church was attacked. Good to keep an open mind.
  9. Come on, what he suggests does seem a reasonable assumption. What do you think actually happened?
  10. Liberal? Very much doubt I'm one of them, although I am easily more to the left than you (not that proves anything) Millennial? I'm a bit old to be one of them. Snowflake? Again, I'm too old for that and I'm not upset about anything. I just made a comment, don't you think that there is an increasing amount of conspiracies these days? What happened to things just happening by accident? Don't tell me that you really believe that this fire was something other than a sad accident?
  11. Seemingly becoming very apt. Can't things just be accidents or incidents anymore, why must everything be a conspiracy of some sort?
  12. I guess we can assume that the conspiracy theories have started already.
  13. Do we know for a fact that manxman1980 lived in Notre Dame, or was it just a hunch?
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