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  1. Sounds like quite a few of the regulars on here.
  2. I hope you were wearing your Howard bathing suit?
  3. Not even close, the Brexit one is over 1200 pages.
  4. Quite, there is no exercise benefit to going for a drive. Yes, staying in the house for a long time is unpleasant but it will not kill you. Why can't people just comply with what they are being told to do?
  5. What's the point that you're trying to make? It is inevitable that different try different strategies, some will work and some won't. Although they are currently accepting patients from other countries Germany is still expecting to be stretched at some point.
  6. That's probably just Howard's grant applications, cut them and it'll all be fine.
  7. Bit rich coming from someone with the empathy of a mushroom.
  8. I also agree with you. The difficulty is that these really are extraordinary times and instant decisions are having to be made. I see the need for clarification as per that tweet but the rather emotive sentiments contained within it are not helpful.
  9. Reports that Dominic Cummings has developed symptoms and is self-isolating, perhaps he didn't run out of No. 10 fast enough.
  10. If someone is struggling for long enough to breath into a breathalyser because of a "cold" then I suspect they should be self isolating.
  11. I know you're an old fashioned fellow but the World has moved on a little bit since the Black Death, even in Norfolk. Nice to see that you are so grateful and supportive of those working in the Welfare State risking their own health to protect the likes of you. You really have no shame do you (rhetorical question, I'm not interested in your answer), you need draining from the swamp.
  12. Well, that's probably immaterial anyway because you've panic bought and hoarded all the food in your local area. I can accept that Brexit could potentially be good deal for the UK in the long term, although I cannot accept that any one can accurately predict that outcome. However, I would interested how you think Covid-19 is going to be a positive thing for the UK (or anywhere)?
  13. That's exactly the thing, lots of experts suddenly appearing but probably best to leave it to the actual experts.
  14. Don't let Rog know, he's already in a Mad Max state of panic.
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