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  1. So you are saying that the Luxembourg Government post WW2 were Nazis and welcomed the Germans? Ok. and you are not saying there is a link between the Third Reich and the EU? Would not want you to be misunderstood.
  2. Relationship with the Third Reich? Luxembourg is a tiny country right next to Germany, they stood no chance against the Germans in WW2 and were easily taken. Not sure how they could have resisted. They are are in a good central location for the EU. Or are you saying there is some link between the Third Reich and the EU?
  3. Surely the correct answer is to floor it and leave them for dust. Fuck you pig, you'll never take me alive.
  4. BBC News - Government was warned about Brexit ferry payouts https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-48208121
  5. Voting to remain does not make you a remoaner. A remoaner is someone who still moans about the outcome and calls for further votes (people's vote, etc.). I accept the outcome, do not think any further votes would be appropriate and want the UK to leave as soon as possible in accordance with the will of the majority of the people. If you really cannot understand that then you cannot understand democracy.
  6. Ok, I'm getting too old to be down with the kids. Skimming a womans kitchen, perhaps I'll try that one out later.
  7. Nah, I'm just a person who is willing to accept another's point of view and decision. I voted to remain (mostly for personal reasons) but readily accept that the result was to leave, therefore the UK must leave. Hence, no remaining (or remoaning if you one of those that reduces everything to silly terms) for me. Generally, blinkered fools cannot accept another's point of view as being valid.
  8. I think he needs to have a word with his marketing department and probably their proofreader too.
  9. Terrible thing dementia. I am not a remoaner. The UK has voted to leave and leave they should, I want them to do it as soon as possible.
  10. Oh dear, repetition yet again, the dementia is kicking in again. Repeating something over and over doesn't make it necessarily true or more valid.
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