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  1. Dunno, but I wouldn't click on it.
  2. Electric magnetic directed laser field, that's an album from Ozric Tentacles isn't it?
  3. Which British car manufacturer would that be then? Sweet, I think you need to set your bar higher, a significant amount of MPs are millionaires.
  4. Yes, but does Jimmy Krankie and her cohorts ever actually approve of anything?
  5. Ode to Joy, it certainly doesn't apply to this thread, very little f***ing joy in here! Totally unconnected to leaving the EU but why don't they use this as an opportunity to ditch the woeful God save the Queen/King anthem and change to Land of Hope and Glory, which is much more rousing.
  6. How can you say that? There's a box full of swarfega on the first page alone!
  7. Q: What do get if you cross Prince Andrew, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton? A: Found unresponsive in your cell.
  8. No idea when they came in. A was the top grade when I did mine too, not that I got any of those! I am young enough to have done GCSEs but did so before they added A*s to them as well.
  9. Yes, we are very proud of her, in proper subjects as well (Biology, Chemistry and Maths). I know every year people talk about how these exams are getting easier but I think that is unfair to those who work hard to pass them as they cannot help when they were born. We thought she would do well, as she got 10 A*s for her GCSEs and her work ethic is incredible. I, on the other hand, discovered women and booze as a 16/17 year old, my own A Level results were not quite as impressive.
  10. Long time since I collected my own A Level results. Pleased to say that my niece picked up 3 A*s and is off to study medicine.
  11. Where was Prince Philip at the time of Epstein's death? Seriously though, the list of famous people who are linked to Epstein gives this the potential for some brilliant theories.
  12. Manxy, have you submitted your views to that consultation you linked to earlier?
  13. Have you submitted your views to the consultation?
  14. I'm totally convinced. Those remind me of the early days of webpage design, they just need a zillion pop ups to complete them.
  15. Do you think he was one of the most talented students in his school year?
  16. You studied science (a very broad term in the university sense), anthropology and english literature at university? What on earth (flat, round or something else) was your degree and where did you do that?
  17. Ok, please can we have that answer?
  18. Neil, Richard, Paul, please be nice to one another. Paul, please can we have that answer.
  19. Your response offers to answer the question he put to you, he asked to do so and yet we are still waiting for that answer. I am not negotiating for anyone. I am interested in seeing your answer as well. You may well have given it before but I am not a regular reader of this thread and searching through it is not an easy task. Seems perfectly reasonable to be asked the question, I am sure you would agree on that. You can simply quote your previous post if it helps answer the question, presumably those would be your own words and not some cut paste job.
  20. and? What is offensive about that? Seems perfectly reasonable to ask someone for their own explanation or opinion on something. Will you answer his question?
  21. Richard's original request was phrased politely enough, certainly not offensive. He then simply asked you to please answer the question. What more do you want, pretty please with flowers on? This is your opportunity to show how much of polite and helpful poster you are, why don't you simply answer the question?
  22. Anyone can cut and paste https://www.unlv.edu/news/release/round-earth-clues-how-science-proves-our-home-globe Looks like we are still waiting for Paul's analysis of John's post from a few days ago. It must be going to be very thorough.
  23. If she really was that ill the last place to take her is onto a plane where access to emergency help is severely limited.
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