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  1. You can fucking talk!!! You patronising twat!!! Touchy cow! I know I have been. Awww... Can I stroke your ribbon?
  2. WD40 lol! You're funny, and a complete cockhorse, it's a lethal combo. Please stay, your flailing stupidity and gay insults are great fun. You've turned this thread into more than it could ever hope to be...
  3. You can fucking talk!!! You patronising twat!!! Touchy cow! I talk about 'things' that get on my nerves and use well judged sarcasm in what I consider to be fun verbal battles with other, more interesting (i.e. not you) members of this forum. Go and get yourself a chocolate cake and calm down dear, it's only a forum.
  4. Why? Does he use bigger words? He's one of those who patronises endlessly if something somebody says 'gets his goat'. Brings back memories of ans... I bet P.K is a real fun person to be around, his family must love Christmas.
  5. I can't stand people who stick up for the world, it's so overdone. No-one cares anymore. Have you noticed how the really pc people always seem to have greasy hair and dark green coats? Also they usually smell. Take all the pc-ers to an uninhabited island and leave them there to 'care' for one another, that's what I say. Then the rest of us can get on with being competitive, rude and normal.
  6. Exactly, that isn't what this is. It's about obnoxiousness, smell and most importantly of all, arrogance.
  7. Woo-hoo, you're one of those pc-ers aren't you? A friend to the world eh? Let me tell you something, not one of the minority groups in that list give a shit about you, they wouldn't stand up for you, they don't care if you stand up for them because at the end of the day it isn't about colours or cultures, it's about people. And the majority of people in the world are not nice. Get over yourself.
  8. Yes, I suspected you were quite a sharp character.
  9. Now now, the Americans may be a lot of things, but gun crazy assholes isn't one of them.
  10. People who don't wash without good reason should be rounded up and shot. I can't bear the smell of them, especially when its a woman, how slovenly and lazy is that? Yack. Those Americans stank, but it was plain old b.o.
  11. I do like biscuits. As long as they aren't American. American biscuits make me want to puke.
  12. You're a bit of a narky git aren't you?
  13. Hello gorgeous. You know I wasn't having a go at you don't you? You know me of old...
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