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  1. Reports filtering across the pond of a stabbing on Bowring Road. 2 to Nobles. Good to see local media all over it ....
  2. Does anyone know anything about the “incident” at the Nunnery yesterday?
  3. Sounds ominous http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=53802&headline=Police called to incident at high school&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2020
  4. Word on the street is there's been a jumper?
  5. This MR report lumps it in with drink related incidents, not sure that is was or not? The car looks like an expensive one, someone's Christmas is ruined. I have to say that the police on their way to a shout seem to travel at an alarming speed, relying on their blue lights at night. I'm not sure who is deemed responsible if the car was hit by an officer going through a red light? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/police-make-number-of-drink-related-arrests/
  6. Manx Radio: Man stabbed in Douglas incident I understand what they mean but I wonder do the police need to say: "..the matter was an isolated incident and the individuals concerned knew each other." Of course we don't want a manic knifeman running around Douglas randomly chibbing little old ladies and that, but I wonder, at the other end of the spectrum, is it better to just knife people you know. At least they've dropped the stock phrase of "fortunately this sort of thing doesn't happen very often in the Isle of Man".
  7. There appears to be an ongoing incident in the HQ of YouTube involving someone with a gun.
  8. Another apparently pretty pointless Police investigation http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/court-crime/penny-for-the-guy-altercation-1-8225861 Who on here was it vociferously complaining about the penny for the guy kids?
  9. How???? Having had the Viking Longship races postponed because of high winds, surely someone thought to question the safety of inflatable bouncy castles? http://www.energyfm.net/cms/news_story_384143.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  10. Lol, kind of ironic last line there as incidents at Bray Hill go! Nevertheless, this seems to be a growing problem and one which the TT course is, by it's very nature, unable to deal with. People do the funniest things! "Police have warned against people walking onto closed roads after an incident on Saturday afternoon on Bray Hill. The incident occurred during what was a full day of racing, qualifying and parades at the Festival of Motorcycling. Sergeant Will Moffatt of the Roads Policing Unit said that there had been an incident during the race session involving people crossing the closed roads while racing was taking place. He said on the radio: ‘An investigation into this is taking place. People found committing this offence can expect to be prosecuted. ‘It is totally unacceptable to put anyone at risk in this way.’ "
  11. Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward after what they describe as 'an incident' on Douglas Road in Ballasalla. Officers say it involved a silver taxi minibus travelling toward Douglas and a woman driving the other direction who had to use her brakes. It happened at shortly before 8pm on Monday, but no further details are available. I must admit I didn't see this incident, but I have personally had to use my brakes quite a lot when I'm driving so I do sympathise with the victim. It can be quite harrowing.
  12. Did anyone see a car driven into on the spring valley roundabout on Saturday 19th at around 13:20? My car is a dark grey Honda Accord estate and I was driving from the Kewaigue side in the lane going straight on to Cooil Road. A silver SUV was in the lane to turn right, and as I got half way across the roundabout in my lane, the other vehicle hit me and went down the side of my car after cutting into my lane. I beeped my horn numerous times to alert the other driver, who proceeded to drive off towards Douglas I managed to catch up and get them to pull over and obtain insurance details, but my insurance company suspect the other party may deny all knowledge / liability which seems the standard response nowadays, so looking to see if anyone saw the incident. There were many beeps of the horn on my part so this may prompt someone to remember, despite not being a high speed crash. If so, please PM me, many thanks
  13. Two riders were taken by Airmed to Nobles Hospital during racing at the Southern 100 yesterday evening. Ramsey's Conor Cummins and Tom Parkes were reported to have non-life threatening injuries following a four-rider incident in the opening lap of the Supersport event. The race was red flagged. Conor's girlfriend last night posted on Facebook that he had broken his left forearm, and was going for more x-rays. An update from race organisers this morning describes him as comfortable. Tom has since been discharged. The two other riders weren't seriously injured, though Ivan Lintin went to hospital for a check up. There was a separate four-rider incident at Ballakaighan earlier in the meeting, but Dave Taylor, Marie Hodgeson, Niklas Pfeiffer and Chris Mitchell all walked away from it uninjured. Meanwhile, Dean Harrison won the 1000cc and 600cc races to complete a hat-trick of wins at the meeting. Ivan Lintin won the 650cc Supertwin Race and Ian and Carl Bell won the Sidecar race.
  14. Peel lifeboat was called out this afternoon after a child injured themselves in the sea off the Island’s West Coast. Just after 5pm, the Ruby Clery was called to the rocks at the back of Peel Castle after a youngster dislocated their shoulder while “tombstoning” jumping into the water. The boy was taken ashore by the lifeboat crew to Fenella Beach, where a coastguard team was waiting. They were taken to Noble’s Hospital for treatment.
  15. From Manx Radio: Villiers Lane incident - appeal for witnesses Worrying really, but can I be first to say: Fortunately...etc
  16. My link Anybody know what this is about?
  17. Marine Drive, earlier tonight. No details known - will have to wait until the normal news catch up in the morning.
  18. Noticed that a number of fire engines came over to the Battery Pier, police were directing cars away from that part of the harbour and there was some sort of white spray being poured over the tops of the four gas containers. Any ideas whether there was some sort of emergency?
  19. The police have reported that all three emergency services are dealing with an incident on central prom and ask that everyone avoids the area..... Hope it's nothing too serious :-(
  20. Part of Strand street currently closed due to an incident on a building site, according to MR. Edit: truck toppled over. see @mytvim on Twitter pic.twitter.com/xNeQzydy
  21. I met a fleet of (at least five or six) blue-light flashers,police, first response, etc., racing down Fishers Hill at about 7.30 to 8.00pm last night. What was happening? Had someone found the Golden Queenie?
  22. Maxmann

    Incident ?

    Loads of vehicles with blues and twos heading laxey way through Onchan, wonder whats happened?
  23. About 4pm yesterday there was a road traffic incident near The Hop Garden. It was described as serious and the road closed for about 3 hours. Today there don't seem to have been any media updates. I may have just missed them and they haven't made it to websites yet, but given it was clearly a serious incident and many people were redirected home due to it, does anyone know why there has been no information at all about the incident? Other than hoping everyone involved was okay, I am not interested in what happened as such, just interested in why, compared with other road incidents, there seems to have been stony silence on this for almost 24 hours. There may be a good reason, just wondered if anyone could explain. PS - if anyone thinks this post is in any way inappropriate or in poor taste, I would be more than happy to remove it or for a mod to remove it. As I have said, I am interested in the media reporting aspect rather than the details of someone else's misfortune.
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