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Found 8 results

  1. Here are the Primary School 'league tables' based upon the teacher assessed Average Point Score figures (released under duress by a FOI release). The schools are ranked by their performance over the 5 years between 2012 and 2016. Disclaimers: The scores are teacher assessed so could be biased (but one would hope that DEC would stop this). The scores don't reflect the number of SENs / free school meals in each school KS1 (Reading) 1 Onchan Primary School 1 Arbory Primary School 3 St Thomas's C of E School 4 Sulby Primary School 5 Braddan Primary School 6 Marown Primary School 7 Dhoon Primary School 8 St Mary's RC School 8 Laxey Primary School 10 Ballaugh Primary School 11 Kewaigue School 12 Foxdale Primary School 13 Bunscoill Rhumsaa 13 Ballacottier School 15 Scoill yn Jubilee 16 Ballasalla Primary School 17 Scoill Vallajeelt 18 Peel Clothworkers Primary School 18 Jurby Community Primary School 20 Rushen Primary School 21 Ashley Hill Primary School 22 Scoill Phurt Le Moirrey 23 St John's Primary School 24 Bunscoill Ghaelgagh 25 Michael School 26 Cronk-Y-Berry School 27 Andreas and Bride School 28 Anagh Coar School 29 Victoria Road Primary School 30 Henry Bloom Noble 31 Willaston Primary School 32 Manor Park Primary School KS2 (English and Maths) 1 Dhoon Primary School 2 Bunscoill Ghaelgagh 3 Ballaugh Primary School 4 Arbory Primary School 5 Michael School 6 Onchan Primary School 7 Marown Primary School 8 Scoill Phurt Le Moirrey 9 Scoill Vallajeelt 10 Ashley Hill Primary School 10 Foxdale Primary School 12 St John's Primary School 13 Laxey Primary School 14 St Thomas's C of E School 15 Ballasalla Primary School 16 St Mary's RC School 17 Kewaigue School 18 Sulby Primary School 19 Braddan Primary School 20 Ballacottier School 20 Cronk-Y-Berry School 22 Rushen Primary School 23 Bunscoill Rhumsaa 24 Scoill yn Jubilee 25 Peel Clothworkers Primary School 26 Jurby Community Primary School 27 Anagh Coar School 28 Henry Bloom Noble 29 Victoria Road Primary School 30 Willaston Primary School 31 Andreas and Bride School 3 2 Manor Park Primary School
  2. FRAMEWORK FOR A PROGRAMME FOR GOVERNMENT http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/opqp/sittings/Tynwald%2020162018/2016-GD-0076.pdf
  3. PAYLOAD: Hyperloop Techs cargo capsule will be over 70ft long, big enough to hold a standard 40ft intermodal container http://www.forbes.com/sites/bruceupbin/2015/02/11/hyperloop-is-real-meet-the-startups-selling-supersonic-travel/?utm_campaign=ForbesTech&utm_source=TWITTER&utm_medium=social&utm_channel=Technology&linkId=12285913
  4. I was reading this article on the BBC's website about the expected winter power shortages in the UK. I was just wondering if anyone knows if we actually sell any power to the UK's national grid using the undersea cable, seeing how we've got Peel sat there not doing a whole lot... Or is it just not cost effective to do so?
  5. another investment "scheme" "bites the dust" http://www.gov.im/lib/news/fsc/guardianalphalim.xml uardian Alpha Limited, Guardian Analysis Limited, Guardian Beta Limited and Guardian Delta Limited (“the Guardian Schemes”) * The Financial Supervision Commission has appointed Maurice Singer and David Peter Craine under section 13 of the Collective Investment Schemes Act 2008 (“the Act”) to: (a) advise the Guardian Schemes on the proper conduct of their affairs; and (b) assume control of the affairs of the Guardian Schemes. The appointments have been made for the following reasons: - it appears to the Commission that the Guardian Schemes are, or are likely to become, unable to meet their obligations as they fall due and the exercise of the Commission’s powers under section 13 of the Act is desirable in the interests of the participants and/or potential participants of the Guardian Schemes; and - the Guardian Schemes’ administrator, Ardent Fund Solutions Limited, has ceased to provide administration services and as at the date of this notice had surrendered its licence. This means that the Guardian Schemes do not have an appointed administrator. The appointments took effect on 18 July 2013. * The Guardian Schemes are Exempt Schemes as defined by Schedule 3 to the Act. Exempt Schemes cannot be promoted to the public anywhere in the world, cannot hold themselves out as being regulated and must have less than 50 investors. Just wondering if there is any connection with "Christian values".......whoever knows more please tell us... Also re Ardent Fund Solutions Ltd:- Isle of Man Company Details Company Name ARDENT FUND SOLUTIONS LIMITED Company Number 121645C Company Type PRIVATE, LIMITED BY SHARES Registered Office 7 King Orry Road Glen Vine IM4 4ER Date of Incorporation 05/02/2008 Presence of Charges N Status LIVE 13 documents listed Document Type Document Description Date Received Price Purchase 4 CHANGE IN REGISTERED OFFICE 06/11/2012 £1.15 ARL ANNUAL RETURN FILED LATE 05/09/2012 £1.15 AR ANNUAL RETURN 30/12/2011 £1.15 ARL ANNUAL RETURN FILED LATE 25/03/2010 £1.15 9N CHANGE IN DIRECTOR/SECRETARY 18/01/2010 £1.15 AR ANNUAL RETURN 27/02/2009 £1.15 9N CHANGE IN DIRECTOR/SECRETARY 27/02/2009 £1.15 4 CHANGE IN REGISTERED OFFICE 14/10/2008 £1.15 9N CHANGE IN DIRECTOR/SECRETARY 12/06/2008 £1.15 MA MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATION 06/02/2008 £1.15 AA ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION 06/02/2008 £1.15 1 DIRECTORS, SECRETARY,REG. OFF. 06/02/2008 £1.15 INC CERTIFICATE OF INCORPORATION 05/02/2008 £1.15 doesn't look good as the Annual Return due this year on 05/02/13 hasn't even been filed.....anyone agree it looks like its in "freefall"?
  6. Home Affairs Minister Juan Watterson has warned that job cuts will be a necessity as his department struggle to find an additional �2 million of savings, http://goo.gl/wOCJH but Juan what about cutting top salaries first...your's by say 10% and then the Chief Constable / Fire Chief and work down to taking a 10% slice off each until you get down to the basic starting rate - how much would that save?? Juan, if you won't cut salaries, from the top down - why not ? please tell us. thanks OaP
  7. Announcement that with effect from Saturday 6 April 2013 bus fares are to increase...not by any acceptable inflationary amount but swingingly. Single journey '3 stop' ride goes up by 20% - 50p to 60p Single journey Band A ticket by 10% - from £1.00 to £1.10 also Multi rider 12 journey tickets repriced etc etc - hits the working population Joe and Jane Public who use the buses to get to work. How about lifting the bus pass age? http://www.gov.im/lib/news/publictransport/farerevisions.xml .
  8. was interested to read an article about Hugo Chavez and the use of Government money in Venezuala to not only further socialism but to BUY votes. Apparently its being called "Piggybank Democracy". It makes you wonder about similarities with IOM Govt. If you read this http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-10-09/chavez-s-win-proves-elected-autocrat-isn-t-an-oxymoron.html and then consider Douglas Corporation with Pulrose and now Willaston being rebuilt/renovated surely that policy equals votes "bought" with revenue from private and commercial business ratepayers.
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