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Found 1 result

  1. "I'm fascinated by the way that concepts apparently arise from nowhere, take hold in popular imagination, then become naturalised and beyond question. One such idea is that individuals can be "born in the wrong body," so that men can be women. Since there is no scientific evidence, neuroscientific or otherwise, that an unambiguously biological male can in fact, be female, how can society have arrived at a stage where people who question the claim that, "Trans women are women" are routinely labelled Nazis, bigots and 'Trans-phobes?' A new nomenclature has arisen which bifurcates women into two groups: 'Cis' (biological women) and 'Trans.' This performs a linguistic sleight of hand that enables the idea that some men can be women. But no matter how cultivated their 'feminine' outward-appearance, 'Trans-women' (as opposed to Transsexuals) have penises. The concept that 'Trans-women' are women, and that we must believe this because they affirm it is further translated into the idea that 'Trans-women' are even more oppressed by the patriarchy than their 'Cis' sisters. Progressives routinely turn with vitriol on women who challenge this newly-minted 'Truth,' labelling them "Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists' or TERFS, no matter how moderate, thoughtful or indeed 'Trans-friendly' those women are. This new definition of womanhood is having bizarre effects on our political institutions. The Labour Party now admits men who identify as women on to all-women shortlists, without any necessity for a gender-recognition certificate. A number of these men have successfully applied to the Jo Cox Women In Leadership programme. Then there's the misogyny. Labour continues to support Lily Madigan (Trans) in the role of Women's Officer for Rochester and Strood, despite His bullying of gender-critical feminists and other women. One of his latest Twitter missives states that, "TERFS can go fuck themselves" and he is allowed to say this (amongst other profane insults) with impunity not only by the party but by Twitter itself. Labour also (briefly) appointed Munroe Bergdorf (Trans) to an LGBT working group. Bergdorf had recently been quoted in the magazine 'Grazia' saying that feminists are "biological-essentialists" because they "summarise women as walking vaginas... ...a similar approach to that of misogynists." A kind of informal, 'Ministry of Truth' has emerged around the Trans issue -- or rather a, 'Ministry of Propaganda' since it is responsible for the falsification of historical events and biological facts. In keeping with the concept of 'doublethink' the Ministry creates and then spreads 'Truth' through the new language of 'Cis' and 'Trans.' And in a chilling twist, it is now feminists who are the alleged misogynists, purely because they don't allow human beings with penises to control the political narrative. The statement -- both mundane and tautological -- that women don't have penises is now considered inflammatory! A feminist group distributed stickers making this observation recently in Liverpool, the Police opened an investigation! A cold wind of authoritarianism is blowing through our allegedly progressive, Liberal-democratic society. And not only in regards to this issue. When telling the truth becomes hate-speech, when oppression becomes ethics, when non-facts become Truth, we all better watch out..."
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