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Found 2 results

  1. The IOMN online article concerning the court appearance of jet-ski man’s girlfriend includes this sentence: The court was told that when they got there they left their car in the street with doors open and their alleged victim called 999 and forced their way into her home. This, let us not forget, is allegedly the work of a journalist. It appears to be the work of a seven year old. I don’t ordinarily read the local rags precisely because they’re exactly that; ill-written, uninteresting and largely comprised of tittle-tattle together with cut and paste government schlock. However, I’ve read the Manx Independent published this week. It is comic book dross aimed at individuals with a reading age, I would say, of a competent ten year old. I’m actually quite disturbed at living in a community that consciously buys this ordure.
  2. As of this next week the Indie says IOM Newspapers are increasing their prices. 10p per copy on the Examiner = 13.33% to 85p and 10p per copy on the Independent = 15.38% to 75p IOM Newspapers says the rises are "due to increasing production costs, most notably the cost of paper" but hang on a mo this is just not so even with a cursory look we can find an article dated 24 July 2012 "Newsprint prices in the UK decline on poor demand" http://www.euwid-pap...oor-demand.html Is it "the law of diminishing returns" when prices go up and there is a less revenue return because sales slump because of the price rise? When Johnson Press/ IOM Newspapers transferred the printing off Island is was because teh press here could only do 48 pages and as we were told "The printing press in Sheffield is one of the biggest printing plants in Europe and is capable of printing 192 pages in full colour" Well so what the Indie this week is still only 48 pages and not all full colour. Then again maybe the tactic is part of the Johnson Press master plan - to do away with print copies and go totally on-line for a subscription fee. BTW - Lets not forget the Times of Tuesday 17 April 2012 with the article "DEATH KNELL SOUNDS FOR LOCAL DAILY NEWSPAPERS" Local newspapers with heritages dating back to the 19th century are to stop printing daily editions as Johnston Press sacrifices newsprint in favour of digital journalism. Back at the end of 2007 the Johnson share prices were £2.60 ish now they are 8.5 pence and only in September Citigroup cut the Johnston Press plc price target to 3p from 4p. It look like its in its death throes and going out of business - hopefully there is a "contingency plan" by IOM Government regarding the advertising that legally needs to be advertised in the press.
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