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Found 4 results

  1. 10 bendy buses are going to be on the roads of the isle of man by next april.and longworth is selling off another 16 double deckers (to his friends).instead of refurbing the old deckers at a fraction of the cost. longworth is buying 10 old bendy buses that no one wants. and refurbing them. and the DCCL want's to save money. didn't mr cretney say there will not be bendy buses on the island last year. when everyone said they where to big for the roads over here, so whats changed.apart from the DCCL minister changing twice . and remember longworth wants the speed limit put up to 50mph for buses. you can see it now bendy buses doing 50mph with 100 standing passangers on it. be it school kids or the general public. contact your MHK ask them to ask at the next seating of the house of keys.if they are coming.i have and i'm waiting for answer. as i've said before what longworth wants, longworth gets. and his new diesel train is to big to fit over the points in port erin station so they will have to dig them up . at more cost for it to fit.
  2. today i was shown a document from the DCCL, that states that mr ian longworth and mr nick black both say that they are under paid for the jobs they do.so we now have what they both think are over paid driver's. and they are under paid managemet.
  3. creegeen stated on a tv interview manx telecom tv.that he knows of no other department getting payed there lunch breaks. his a liar. he does as a former Telecommunicaion worker union rep him and the former DCCL minister Tim crookal also a rep got the postman and postladys paid lunch breakswhile they worked there. has he forgot that. he also goes on about spanish work practices once again the biggest of the lot for them is the post office. does he forget all this or is it just double standards. he also went on about bus passes its not just an isle of man thing that drivers and there familys get free travel and by family i mean partner and children while they are still in education. that is a industry wide practise. as far as the other bus passes he says about how is that down to the bus drivers they do not issue the passes that is management so if they are giving them out to the hole of the DCCL and other deparments then thats down to the the top brass, not the drivers he is trying to blame. so if he is is a liar about all this what else is he not telling the truth about.
  4. could anyone tell me why the train crash in port erin on bank holiday monday 2 weeks ago has not made the papers. two trains hittin each other i would think was news? as the station master forgot to set the points.
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