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Found 7 results

  1. In these days where sniffing too loudly seems to warrant a police action for disturbing the peace or Section 4 Public order, we are all aware that parking your car 'illegally' is cause for a front page announcement in the local police papers, (Examiner, Independent and Courier), along with face-tweets and radio announcements as to the risks to public safety and threat to society as a whole by such actions. There would no doubt be hours of police time taken up in the investigation of the crime along with the additional costs incurred for forensics and road closures to enable detectives to investigate. That is unless - you happen to be a police officer committing this grievous offence whilst fulfilling your duties to regularly nip round the corner from your parked vehicle to investigate the tea and no doubt crumpet in a house just down the street. That being the case I can see nothing wrong with this picture of a where a police van is often parked.
  2. WTF, Theresa May said "without safeguards" they had "the capacity to cause harm". Well let's just throw cotton wool and pillows to disperse a violent crowd. It gets better London Mayor Boris Johnson authorised the purchase of three second-hand cannon, at a total cost of £328,883. Do they not talk to each other? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-33538171
  3. Why? We have a man who will spend the rest of his life in the knowledge that decisions he made that day contributed to the death of his daughter. The variables, countless in number, that led to his car being in the same place, at the same time, as the bus. Does the justice system really believe that anyone will benefit from this prosecution? No outcome will lessen or increase the guilt felt by a man who knows he could have made a million different decisions that day that would have meant this collision never happened. As could the driver of the bus. That would have meant he could still hold his little girl. There has to come a time when compassion is more important than prosecution. No outcome will bring Alexis back. No outcome will change the past. No outcome will either alleviate nor increase the guilt felt by Alexis's father. Prosecution for the benefit of the state is wrong. There is not one among us who has not made a bad decision, we are generally lucky enough not to have lost a child as the result of it. I can not believe Alexis would want this persecution of her father.
  4. New twitter initiative from the police. http://www.manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/63729/virtual-policing https://twitter.com/TweetbeatIOM I'm loving the updates from the police telling me where the speed traps are located. I'll make sure I'm checking my mobile while driving for updates.
  5. In September 2013 it was announced that a large sum of cash had gone missing from police custody. An internal audit was taking place to find out where it had gone but I cant find any record of what came of it. Does anyone have any updates?
  6. Inspector Darrill Pearson of the Western Neighbourhood Policing Team has recently posted this on their Facebook page. A couple of my officers attended a report of youths throwing plants and other items from the Headlands in Peel on Monday evening. On arrival the officers tried to engage with the youths, but unfortunately a number of the group were rude and used foul language, with one in particular choosing to make offensive personal comments regarding the family members of one of the officers present. This sort of behaviour is clearly unacceptable. One member of the group has been arrested, another will be spoken to formally in the next few days and letters have been hand delivered to the parents or guardians of those whom have been identified from the remainder of the group. Peel is a lively, thriving and friendly town and I am sure that none of us want to see any repeats of this sort of behaviour. A few from within this group are the main instigators of the majority of the small number of anti-social issues we have in Peel. I therefore ask parents and guardians to ensure that they know what their youngsters are up to and who they are associating with when they are out and about over the summer months, as ‘Out of sight should not mean out of mind’. That said, I must stress that a vast majority of the youth in the West should be applauded, as they contribute positively to the community and put on record that not all of the youngsters present at this particular incident behaved poorly, a number having attempted to encourage others to act sensibly. There are numerous clubs and other events being held in the West throughout the summer holidays and my team will continue to support these activities. Thanks and enjoy your summer, Inspector Darrill Pearson On the face of it the poor police have mopped up the shite from our streets, but on the other hand there are always two sides to any story and here is the other: The original 'crime' committed was that some of the youths, (ages ranging from 12 to 16), were pulling weeds from the ground on Peel Headlands and throwing them at each other. The weeds in question have been used as 'missiles' by generations of kids in Peel, I can remember doing it as can my father who is in his seventies. As kids do, they were making noise and were swearing, at each other. On arrival the police, having obviously been highly trained in how to handle delinquent youths, demanded to know where the alcohol was,(strangely enough there wasn't any), before ordering all those present to clean up the weeds, irrespective of whether they were involved or not. The officers have been described as being aggressive in their demeanour and treating those who they were speaking to with contempt. The abuse referred to by Inspector Darrill Pearson started when a 16 year old youth, who was not involved in the criminal weeding, refused to tidy up and chose to have a cigarette instead. One of the officers then tried to confiscate the cigarettes of the 16 year old, making a fool of himself in the process, resulting in him being made the butt of quite a few remarks from other youths but not the 16 year old. Here is a bit of the police report that is true according to those present. "with one in particular choosing to make offensive personal comments regarding the family members of one of the officers present. " The lad that made the abusive comments about the officers family is well known to the police yet no action was taken against him. THE FOLLOWING DAY THEY INSTEAD WENT TO THE HOME OF AND ARRESTED THE 16 YEAR OLD SMOKER FOR A PUBLIC ORDER OFFENCE BECAUSE HE LAUGHED AT THE OFFICER BEING ABUSED! He was taken from his home placed in a police van and taken to Douglas station where he was placed in a cell for two hours, then interviewed under caution by two police officers who were on what his lawyer described as a fishing trip before being released on bail. It will be interesting to see what the Police have to say if, as is probable, it turns out that not only did this incident escalate due to their own inability to deal with what was, until their arrival, a bunch of kids being a bit boisterous. But also that they have grossly overstepped the boundaries of acceptable police behaviour by arresting the 16 year old. If this is the case they will have not only done a great deal to harm the relationship that they claim to want to foster with the 'youth' of the Island, but once again they will have wasted public funds by wasting their own time, a lawyers time and will no doubt be in a situation where compensation will be payable to the youth falsely arrested. They have painted a picture that would indicate that the 16 year old who was arrested must have either committed a serious offence or was the ring leader of the start of the abuse, neither of which are true. The outcome of this incident is yet to be finalised but either way the police are going to come out of it looking like a bunch of idiots. I would love to see what sentence is handed down by the courts to a 16 year old who is guilty of laughing.
  7. Here's a screenshot - http://t.co/WqcmwePL
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