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Found 3 results

  1. Despite not liking Facebook much I use it to stay in touch with a few people who seem to live their lives there. Anyway, I stumbled across https://www.facebook.com/groups/manxnostalgia/ which is excellent, if there was ever a reason for having a Facebook account then it's this site. Also there's none of the daft moaners seen on MF blaming come-overs for every sin on the island, none of the pathetic posts seen far too often on MF - instead just intelligent and informed comments.
  2. Time to talk about this again. A 17 year old girl has been arrested in relation to comments she made on Facebook about a 15 year old boy who died suddenly. BBC I believe that police interference in our lives should only happen when absolutely necessary; to protect people from violence, theft, and other very serious crimes. Arresting someone means using violence against them, and this should only occur in grave circumstances. In the conservative political atmosphere that prevails in the UK and over here, criminalisation has become an over-used tool for social engineering. Want to make people less racist? Make saying racist things illegal. Want to promote social cohesion and harmony? Make saying offensive things illegal. It is a tool which is used far too casually, and far too frequently without considering what it entails. It is firstly the use of force against innocent people (as they must be considered until they have been proven otherwise), the psychological distress of being subject to this process, and the host of other restrictions and sanctions that arrest and criminalisation often mean. The law has long strayed over the bounds in which it ought to operate. It ought to have very limited interference in speech and expression, if any at all. It may be argued that offending someone, or causing them distress or alarm, are forms of violence, and I would agree with this, but physical violence is a much more serious form, and its use by the state against innocent civilians should be used sparingly and only when most necessary; furthermore its use must by proportionate to the crime. In cases such as this one, the response of the law is not in reasonable proportion to the supposed crime. The girl's comments may have been hurtful, offensive, distressing to someone (equally, they may not have been, and it may be that someone has just decided that they could be) but this does not justify the use of force and the power of the law against her. She, and everyone else, ought to be able to speak their mind, no matter how much offense this may cause, without fear of reprisal from an overbearing state that thinks the way to create a compliant, prosperous, and peaceful society (such are their ends) is to use repressive laws as a form of social engineering. Do you think the actions of the state in this case are justified? Why?
  3. I am not a Facebook user so I may be well off the mark but this article caught my eye:- http://www.bbc.co.uk...nology-22025729 What I dont understand is how, if someone is that connected to their friends and acquaintances, how they have time during the day to actually get any work done. OK someone might not be replying to messages/ status updates 24/7 but just even looking at your phone when it is that Real Time connected to your mates, must be a huge distraction to anyone, no matter how they may protest that they can multi-task. Am I just looking at this from a middle aged point of view, or is it going to stop a lot of people getting on with their work? I also cant work out why anyone would want to watch films on their phone, or catch up TV, the size of a phone screen, even the biggest is really too small and my eyesight is still 20/20 despite my years of abuse that my mother warned me about the consequences....
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