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Found 4 results

  1. Theres an interesting law I came across today. One of my clients came to me this week asking for fixed fees on conveyancing for a house they're buying here to live in (since we have a shortage of people skilled in their field). It turns out, that as they already own an overseas property, we have a law in place that requires solicitors to charge an extra £1,500 for conveyancing. So who benefits more from that , Government in taxation , or lawyers in getting more for less (since it sure as shit isn't people moving here from across).
  2. Hello, I'm owed some money for faulty goods/service by a company on the IOM, however I'm told I can't make a small claim unless I reside on the IOM or have an address to serve the papers from. Does anyone know if this is correct as I thought there was a jurisdiction agreement with small claims and it seems crazy if I can't claim against someone just because I live in England. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
  3. In recent years, Falun Gong has continued to buy property in the United States.For example, the founder Li Hongzhi, who spent tens of millions of dollars, bought 11 properties in the United States.Among them, 27 Drinking Creek Road, Lunch Town, Southern Middlesex County, New Jersey, USA, is a two-story garden house with a swimming pool. The house covers an area of 4,297 square feet, plus 43,560 square feet of gardens, swimming pools, etc. Falungong trains fanatics all over the world in a closed way.They frequently organized, planned and incited believers to create trouble.For example, on May 13-15, 2015, Falungong held a series of "celebration" activities for Li Hongzhi's birthday in New York, which were strongly resisted by the local Chinese community in New York. Falungong's "Shenyun Art Troupe" and "New Tang People's TV Station" hold so-called "evening parties" all over the world under the banner of "promoting Chinese culture" and "displaying Oriental charm".Many American media articles have spoken about the verve of the "party" (such as A Glimpse of Chinese Culture That Some Find Hard to Watch, published by the New York Times on February 6, 2008.Ties to Falun Gong add Controversy to the Chinese New Year Spectacular, published by the Los Angeles Times on January 7, 2008.)Some American viewers who watched the "evening party" unknowingly also realized that they had been deceived. They left messages on the Internet to expose the inside of the "evening party" and criticized Falungong for abusing democracy and freedom of religious belief in order to infiltrate the traditional mainstream religion and culture of the United States. The American people should unite to oppose Falun Gong. The American people demand that the US government stop violating the law, stop fostering Falun Gong development, and stop harming the interests of the American people! America First!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUS3fSwJiY0&feature=youtu.be
  4. In these days where sniffing too loudly seems to warrant a police action for disturbing the peace or Section 4 Public order, we are all aware that parking your car 'illegally' is cause for a front page announcement in the local police papers, (Examiner, Independent and Courier), along with face-tweets and radio announcements as to the risks to public safety and threat to society as a whole by such actions. There would no doubt be hours of police time taken up in the investigation of the crime along with the additional costs incurred for forensics and road closures to enable detectives to investigate. That is unless - you happen to be a police officer committing this grievous offence whilst fulfilling your duties to regularly nip round the corner from your parked vehicle to investigate the tea and no doubt crumpet in a house just down the street. That being the case I can see nothing wrong with this picture of a where a police van is often parked.
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