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Forum Section Changes


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The poll we ran here indicated that there was support for a Jokes subforum so I've just created a new forum called, cunningly, 'Jokes'.


It's under the Entertainment section or you can visit by clicking here.


We were keen not to actually increase the number of sections we have so I've consolidated Films, TV & Anime and The Book Club into one new section called Film, TV & Books. The Book Club never really took off so didn't justify having its own section anymore.


It's going to be a pretty loose arrangement. I'm just about to move a couple of the older Joke threads into the new section just so it has some topics in it but we'll leave it to the users to put things in the right places. Only the most obvious 'Fwd: fwd: fwd: re: fwd This is funny' email copy & pastes might get moved but other than that, it's up to you.


We'll review in a month probably to see if it's being used.


Oh, and just because it's a Joke section, doesn't mean the rules that apply to the other sections don't apply.

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More changes!


Someone dropped me a suggestion by PM today which made absolute sense and I'm sorry I didn't do it this way in the first place.


Instead of Books being merged into Film & TV, it should have been put into the Writers Forum as slow burning Book threads can get lost in the faster paced noise of Film & TV. Writers is quite slow and it makes sense to keep all the literature and written word stuff together.


I've changed the titles of both forum section and manually picked back through Film & TV to shift all the Book related threads into Writers. This was a pretty painstaking process as a lot of thread titles are unclear so I may have missed one. If you come across one, please drop me a PM and let me know and I'll move it.


Sorry for the further change, but I hope you all agree it makes total sense.

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