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This place needs more insults - let's collect some:


When they were handing out brains, you thought they said 'trains' and asked for a slow one.


You're proof that every good gene pool has a shallow end.


Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge but it looks as if you just gargled.


Your incompetence is an inspiration to idiots everywhere.


You started at the bottom...and it's been downhill ever since!


Brains aren't everything. In fact in your case they're nothing


You have all the appeal of a paper cut.


You're lucky mirrors don't talk, or laugh for that matter.


Your house does not have a door, it has a lid.


If you put your brain in a bird, it would fly backwards.


I don't think you are a fool, but what's my opinion compared to that of thousands of others


If the phone doesn't ring; you'll know its me


You are obviously suffering from Clue Deficit Disorder.


Are you a professional ass-clown, or is this your first public audition?


He always finds himself lost in thought; it's unfamiliar territory.


Gene Police!!! Get out of the pool!!



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This of course was invented by Alex Brindley on his morning Manx Radio show. "Insult Number 3,495" (or whatever the days random large number might have been). It was all quite hilarious.


But I think this has been taken over by "Jokes from the john". Which is equally funny.


Does anyone remember that ginger bloke Chris Evans when he started on BBC Radio One? He used to do a sketch called 'On The Bog' ?? That was funny too.

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Youre a fucking face resembles a whores Cunt!!


Simple, and quite insulting


I guess it would have been even more effective had you managed to master the art of sentance construction, punctuation and grammar!



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I guess that depends on your ability to successfully execute an effective insult.

This man set appallingly low standards and consistantly failed to meet them....

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Yes, PK, there was a list of comments on job appraisals doing the rounds which was very funny.


The one I remember is something like


His belief in his own ability is matched only by the depth of his ignorance.

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I see you read the thread about job interview notes then.


Well done, A+ for paying attention to the internets.

Lighten up.


One of the best "appraisal" comments I have heard is:


"He only opens his mouth to change feet...."

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