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I expected to see a Doom 3 thread on here already, but I guess you're all either too busy playing it, or not interested? :P


It was definitely worth the wait. The graphics are awesome.. even on the lowest settings! Plus its got all the old Doom characteristics, as well as a new, eerie kind of Resident Evil type of atmosphere - you can walk past a shadowed corner without so much as a sound, then as soon as you've passed the corner, a zombie cranks up a chainsaw and makes a lunge for your back.


Its very scary - similar to The Suffering, for those who've played that. The fact that everything is poorly lit on purpose, and most monsters like to attack you once you're backs turned, can have you wandering around an empty room with paranoia, actually expecting something to appear out of nowhere - and 75% of the time, something does appear. But you'll kill it, thinking thats that, turn around only to walk into the wrong end of a shotgun. Those bloody marines...


I could go on all day about how good it is, but if I did that, I wouldnt get to play it, so I'm back off to kill some more of these damn annoying spiders.

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I think it's pants. A complete disapointement. It looks decent enough, but it plays bloody awful. Small claustraphobic levels, boring and unconvincing level design, very uninspired gameplay (find key, open door, shoot baddies), very repetetive scary tricks (oh look an monster appeared behind me yet again), downright supid stuff like monsters in cupboards by themselves and the daft torch that can't be used the same time as a one handed gun....


Big let down for me.

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I'd echo that. I finished it a few days ago on Veteran and I can't say I'm too bothered about going back to do it on Nightmare.


Sure, it's atmospheric and it looks ok, but it's very repetitive and very little to differentiate between levels. The levels in Hell are interesting though, it's just a shame there wasn't more of that type of level design throughout the game.

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Haven't been able to sleep without the lights of for weeks :rolleyes:


Scare factor greater than any film I've ever seen, that's the part I loved.


39 attempts to kill the boss in Hell

18 attempts to kill final boss <_<

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