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Dogging And Piking, How Would You Classify Them?


Dogging and Piking.....  

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.......is a sexual practice in which a person sucks semen out of another person's vagina or anus, with or without a straw, after creampie or anal creampie. The semen is usually that of the man doing the sucking, though this is not always the case.


The term can also refer to sucking enema fluid from a person's vagina or anus, though this definition is much less common. Milk, water, urine, beer, orange juice, or spritzer are often used in this kind of enema, though introducing alcohol into the anal cavity carries a high risk of death through alcohol poisoning as the rectum absorbs fluids far more quickly than orally-ingested fluids. Milk is a popular fluid due to its likeness in colour to semen. It is often squirted into the mouth of the sexual partner and shared between them both.



Artist Rendition of FelchingFelching also became a featured sexual act in heterosexual pornography in mid-2000s (always from the anus of a female performer to the mouth of another one, often ending in snowballing) mainly due to bring new attractions to prevalent "plotless porn".


The term is also used in reference to several other sex acts, specifically:


In urban legend, the act of inserting small animals (more specifically, rodents such as hamsters, gerbils or mice) into the anus or vagina, which is a form of zoophilia. (See gerbilling.); or

The act of defecating on one's partner's torso, which is a form of coprophilia.

Felcher is used as derogatory term; goat felcher is popular in many Internet forums. Felcher has also been used as slang in the United States Air Force to describe airmen who masturbate excessively.

Felch is also a sound effect used in shock entertainment, specifically when a person breaks wind so that it sounds "wet".


hmmmmm........you learn something new everyday.....sometimes things you wish you hadn't....

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A quick question, Manxchatterbox, couldn't you have just put a link to that? I didn't even read your post in full, yet I found it pretty distasteful, especially after breakfast at 7.30.

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:D yeah we didn't need the psychosexual gyno-jargon at this time of day! hey, stuartT have you got the horn at the moment or something after this and that post about being 'fit'?!

Yes, I sorely regretted posting my quipish reply to Sirdick!

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