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Do You Consider Yourself To Be Fit?


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Physically fit? No, I've had a few niggly injuries and colds and things lately, which mean I've not played football for a while. Played 5-a-side on Thursday and I just wasn't on the pace at all.


Am I Fit & Do I Know It? Well I wouldn't shag me!

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I wouldn't say I was at the moment. Got a lot further to go, and I am troubled by bugs and injuries plus lethargy at the moment.


Health freaks are always ill and or injured, its not good to be too fit it wears out all your joints and uses up loads of your heart beats, so you die younger and if you dont you'll be crippled.

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Yes and No, not fit in physical sense, but think im fit looks wise! hahaha WHO GIVES A SHITE??


Now i know what ST is gona say " so if you not fit in physical sense, how can you be fit in the other context" an even if he dosent say it, he is dam well thinking it! Arnt you Stu????


EVERYONE has something "fit" about them.

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