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Do You Consider Yourself To Be Fit?


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Yea I understood your question, do you consider yourself to be fit? and I put NO physically and YES I think I am looks wise! So whats bad about haveing a good opinion of yourself, im not a modest person, why should I be, im confident and happy, so should I act all coy? I think im good looking in various ways, but then I think everyone has something good looking "fit" about them.


Also Stu T if your talking intelligence, I really dont think your the one to go on about people intelligence! Ha ha thats laughable the crap you come out with! And the fact that in my post NOWHERE did I mention how others percieve me?????? Where you got that from I dont know!


I answered your question and your mad cause i said exactly what you were thinkin in your head, and I think that you set this topic so that you catch people out if they said they were fit looks wise but not physically, because everything you post seems to come back to the same old attitude you have and your obbession with excersise and physical appearance! pure drivel!


Do you consider yourself fit? Oh we all well know that your a fit freak, but looks wise, what do you think of yourself? You must be an adonis the amount of sports/excersise you do?

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Yea Lonan I see what you mean, I think the word "fit" is a pretty horrible and derogatory word to describe someones looks as it does conjour up the image to me of a tanned up blonde who is skin and bone with big boobs, cause isnt that the general concensus on what is "fit"? Equally the boys with the hoxton fin, tan, six pack, nice clothes are also considered fit? fit IS for the primped and preened!


I am therefore not fit!!


I do however think im good looking, I have self belief cause most of my beauty comes from my confidence and my personality so to me im good looking, but im not conventionaly good looking at all, as in im not a fittie, never will be!


And, asking people if they think they are fit, physical wise is a valid question, but in the other context its a bit 7th grade, mind you I answered!! lol!



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Intelligence?? God I must have been lacking it to be the highest graded student in my A-Level Biology class, and to get 2 marks off full marks when I prepared myself independantly for an exam!!!

Pass the sick-bag Alice! Hint - no-one likes a smart-arse...


FFS you dopey bint. I quote you "Who gives a shite" - you're not that significant. Obviously however my comments must make a significant impact on you, that you feel the need to attack them on every occasion!!! Are you perhaps a little insecure???


Of course with the postings you make, it would suggest, you may have problems summing up the cognitive ability to understand even that. Have you even evolved a membrane yet????


Burdened with an ego bigger than King Kong's first dump of the day I should imagine StuartT has to stay fit just to be able to drag it around...

It would seem your fitness training has developed muscles between your ears. In any event I rest my case...

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