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Do You Consider Yourself To Be Fit?


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I'm fucking gorgeous and super human when it comes to sport. I'm also the best at biology and got full marks at A'level even though I studied chemistry the night before for a laugh. I rock.


Really? I smoked a big fat bag of crack, had several fights and studied english literature the night before my biology exam. I got A++++ even though theres no such grade, and then they made me Chief Admiral of Biology at Cambridge.


Which was nice.

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Heh, he certainly knows how to charm put off the ladies.


Just making sure she is well and truly beyond temptation......


Surely you'd have been better repeating that to yourself, rather than lining yourself up for a slap the next time she sees you.

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As the deed hasn't been committed yet, hard to say whether it was premeditated. I don't want to slap you at all, but there may be some others here that would. So incitement is your best bet! (Just wear your kilt so the rest of us can enjoy the fallout!)

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