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New Here, But Looking For Help

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hello everyone :)


My name is Jenny Brew. I used to live on the isle of man. I went to Ballakermeen ( think thats how it is spelt ) I am actully looking for someone to help me track down my daughters father who lives on the island.


We were in communication, but then his Nan died ( it was her address i used for letters and the such ) and his mobile is no longer working and I have now moved house, so he doesn't have my details anymore.


My daughter is dearly missing her dad and really wants to talk to him.


HIs name is Christopher Pitts, he used to live is Ballasalla. Those around there called him pittsy. him Nan's name was Dolly. He has 2 brothers name Barry and Phillip. and i belive his moms name is Linda.


PLEASE!!!!! can anyone help?


He used to work at the ronaldsway shoe factory ( I actully used to work with him ) but last i talked to him ( almost a year ago now ) he was working for Colas in the Ballasalla industrial estate.


Don't worry, i am not a crazed mom looking for support.. if you know chris you can even ask him first before you help me.. :)


please any help would be great. My father lives over there ( can you tell with my last name being BREW??? LOL ) but he is not able to help me track him down due to bad health. so I thought i would look here first before i go see if the examiner can help me find him by running an ad or artical about this.


If you know Chris, please can you pass on the message that Alyssa misses him, and loves him.

She has Cards that she wants to send off but as i don't know where he isliving after his nan dies, i can't send them.


PLEASE can anyone help me?




Jenn Brew

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Thats so sad, have you tried ringing the place where he works now? they might be able to help you


Thanks Kitty


I did call Colas but they said they can't release any info of wether he works there or not,

so that's not much help.


I haven't told My dauhghter ( alyssa ) that i am asking here about her dad. Don't want to get her hopes up.


Just so you know Chris is 29.. so not old. Alyssa, His daughter is only 10. don't want anyone thinking alyssa is like 30 or somthing :)



he did live in douglas for a while too.


Hey anyone here in the T.O. Fisher venture group? past or present?


I was there :) i used to have a few friends in douglas.


Stuart Cunningham, Dave ( cant rememeber his last name )

Emma and Eddie bennette and a whole bunch more i can't rememeber :)


I used to go to the tardis almost every week. I know its gone :( was there the last week it was open as the tardis.. didn't look like the tardis any more :(


well hope you guys can help





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post-2286-1144250389_thumb.jpg This is a picture of Alyssa, so you can all see the little girl that you helped find her Daddy :)


Also if anyone here could print off a copy for Chris that would be great. It has been ages since he has gotten a photo of her.


Thanks so much again



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...how very refreshing for something so positive to happen on here for a change.


I haven't been posting on here very much recently so it's nice to know that you've missed me :shifty:



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I think i forgot to mention somthing before.


the reason it was so difficult for me to find Chris, is that I live in Canada.


That is why I was having so much trouble :)


SO thanks Stav, i have talked to Chris.

He told me how you called him at work LOL thanks so very much.


It was difficult to hear him as he was on his way home from work. but i told him i will call him back later today :)


I also appologuise for the picture of my daughter. I recived a message from someone who feels that it was bad form. and i did not mean to insult anyone. so please except my appologuise for that.


Chris has some very good friends here, ones who are willing to fight for him , ( i have recived a few messages telling me what they will do to me if this story is false )and that is a good thing. but please be aware that this story is very true and if you speek to chris, he will tell you that is aswell.


Chris is very blessed to have friends like you :)


thanks again.



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Have sent you a PM.


Just realised I missread your message, and obviously you are still in touch with your Dad.

lol Yup still talking to daddyand to peter.. even got the picture from when he was in the newspaper a while ago with the teddy bear drive i think it was :)


Yup i was in GCSE in the IOM college... math, phyc., english scinece i think :)


so that was me.. i did a really bad report on CANADA of all things LOL..


How have yha been.. sorry but i can't say i can picture you.. but i do remeber your name :)



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i know eddie bennett if u wanna pass on a msg :)



thanks so much :)


can you tell him Jenn Brew says hi.. ( he should remeber me.. tell him i was from Canada too )

he better remeber me :) i used to go see him when he worked at the petrol station beside ST. Ninnians.


Thanks so much... if you could give mey email that would be great..




Thanks again



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Just wanted to update you guys.


Alyssa managed to get a hold of her dad today. She was so happy. she now has his address and has already written him a letter today. and got photos together to send with her letter.


If you guys could only see the happiness in her eyes when she herd Chris's voice.... :wub:

It was so ..... i cant even think of a word for it.


Thanks so much for all your help everyone.... you really did a great thing helping her find her dad:)


thanks again to all who helped and to you Stav for traking him down.

You are a great man.



(and Alyssa )

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Have contacted Chris so hopefully all should be sorted ....



Best wishes Jenny and Alyssa


I don't think that I can take the credit for tracking him down for you. Sideways would appear to be the one that managed to do that.


Pleased that you've managed to get in touch with each other and your little girl has contact again with her father.



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This is an excellent thread and shows the good a forum like this can do.

I think it's great that Jenny posted it on here and that Alyssa has found her dad.

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