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In the current circumstances, really? I have not seen my mother, who is in a nursing home, for over 2 months, I get that and comply. I could not take my friend, who cannot drive, shopping  e

I am delighted to announce that I will be returning to Manx Radio’s Late Show on Wednesday 1st July. This follows a three week suspension after complaints were lodged against me for comments made

Information Notice.pdf Not sure if the PDF link will work, but this is the official word. To everyone on here who has supported me, thank you sincerely. To my many detractors, have a nice day.

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35 minutes ago, Stu Peters said:

Bloke with a microphone AND a bloke with a camera. In radio you don't need the latter, except that nowadays people expect pictures even with radio stories.

so why does anx radio need so many staff......

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3 hours ago, quilp said:

What do think of what Ronnie said, Stu..? 

Couldn't possibly comment on what Ron or Juan said. And I actually like Ron...

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17 minutes ago, CharlieBrown said:
23 minutes ago, dilligaf said:

I think he is a dick like his buddy Juan. Two spoiled brats.

You are no doubt a good judge of character, and as I know neither I will take your word for it as I doubt you have ever fucked up in this area ever.

I've really missed your warm words of support. Thanks darling.:wub:


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10 hours ago, dilligaf said:

I think he is a dick like his buddy Juan. Two spoiled brats.

And there are no spoilt brats at Manx Radio enjoying fat salaries in a business that is not financially viable without public subsidy?

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I think Manx Radio could do a good job with less people.  In that respect it is a bit over-manned and civil servantish. And when some of them went from being paid staff to being contract I believe the hourly rate offered was one that couldn't be refused. Kerchunk and all that.  How many people staff 3fm?

Anyway, I like the Manxie fella who does the Sunday night programme, he's Manxie without being affected, theatrical or smug about it.


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21 hours ago, Gladys said:

That's the point though, MR is not a business, it is a public service.  The rules and considerations are vastly different.

In that case it should not pretend to be a business and compete with businesses and merely provide the level of public service that the public can and wants to afford. 

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