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20 hours ago, Gagster said:

It is fairly obvious that George has left 3FM.  Which is incredible, as he had such a hand in setting it up then launching and running it.  So Ron Berry will be going it alone.

As for George at Manx Radio, he’ll fit right in.  He is Manx Radio stalwart, and despite being competing with them for 15 years or so, he will always have a huge affection for the place.  He’s covering for Chris Kinley at the moment, in the evenings, expect to hear him covering elsewhere too.

I must admit, Manx Radio appear to be far more forgiving (towards George) than I would have expected.  

Didn`t george say something on manx radio about his pipe ?

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19 hours ago, gettafa said:

The idea of another radio station was first mooted between the two of them in the back bar of the Woodie. I'm surprised it ever got started let alone lasted this long, but it surely has.

I would have thought GF would have taken the opportunity to take 3fm to further places now that Manx Radio seems to have shot its load on its foot.

But Manx Radio is so cash rich just now after the £1million annual bonanza from the Government, it looks like they've bought George away from 3fm. But I think MR has just shot itself in the other foot

I see the situation as lose-lose-lose-lose,. Especially the Manx Taxpayer.

Bring back the "Jollie Bodies"

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