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Good to hear from you, Chris. People are naturally nosey, as you will be aware, and everyone who is in the "public eye" will know that. Noseyness is not necessarily nastiness, and is more often sincere concern over the subject's well being.

It is great to know that you have at last been given some priority over Covid, and that you have at last had your operation. It is also good to hear that the job seems to have been a good one. Look after yourself.

It seems odd that the programmes normally fronted by Chris Williams have been covered by people called Chris. Is this by design? 

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It was only monasqueen that was asking of you Chris, but for sure we all hope things go well for you.

It's a bit like way back in the thread where a poster mentioned your colleague, Kerry, who was new to the Station. I think it was one possibly two posts she was mentioned in passing. By the time she got onto Twitter about it, it was quoted as "10 pages of a Manx Forums thread attacking me".

Well you know what they say, there's only one thing worse than being talked about.....

Anyway, all the best.

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9 hours ago, Gladys said:

Was it MR, or someone who has a connection with the services who also happens to work there?

It was MD Sully, who signed on behalf of MR. He’s ex armed forces and armed forces radio. It’s on their FB page.

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