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Manx Radio

Desperate Dan

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That bumptious incompetent owes all us an apology for an administration that has achieved precisely eff all in the last five years. And that’s not hyperbowl.

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2 minutes ago, Non-Believer said:

Maybe a solution could be found.

Manx Radio agrees to accept a much-reduced subvention in return for "more accurate reporting" of HQ's statements.

I have another solution. Quayle shuts the fuck up and does one.

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3 hours ago, Uhtred said:

So Quayle won’t talk to MR until he’s had ‘an apology’. Apart from the the fact that not hearing the stuttering nonsense that the oaf invariably spews out is a joy…what an insufferable arsehole.

Putting aside the visceral hatred you have for Howard Quayle ( and myself) is it not reasonable for him to seek an apology ( without brackets)?

In general if you are accused of something which turns out not to be true (in this case a breach of restrictions) then surely an apology is appropriate whether or not you are an oaf, or even an insufferable arsehole.

On a more general note I certainly think Manx Radio should be apologizing for the crap that is the “horse racing “ thing on a Friday morning. Why Reynolds and Reynolds lend their name to it I cannot understand. It is the most cringeworthy thing I think I ever have heard on a radio station.


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Just now, The Voice of Reason said:

The Mannin line is worth a listen for a number of reasons

I thought the two scousers ruffling up Wint about the 'rona thing was a bit of a grin, but I only listened to that when it was linked on MF

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