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Did I hear correctly on Manx Radio today that Buster said he was a democratic right through to the centre of his heart. Well I'll be blowed.

That said, something that he did say that made sense was that if Kate Beecroft had had one of the more experienced MLCs in the Health Department then things might have been very difference. As he said, "5 newbies against the civil service -believe you me, I know who's going to come out the winner."

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5 hours ago, twinkle said:

Nice bloke buster,why the senseless acrimony?.

Are you drunk ? Seriously, why would anyone want to support Buster Lewin?

 Buster is full of shit, simple as that.

It is a great shame that he has chosen this path, because he is not stupid at all. There is a clever head on his shoulders , just a pity it is not used.

 I will never understand why he has conducted himself the way he has. Until getting involved with Dandara, he was an OK bloke.

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Dilli, does anyone take your personal evalutions of character seriously anymore? Why would twinkle have to be drunk to reach his conclusion? A couple of hours ago you were yearning for us all to be nicer and more 'special.' Are you drunk..? 

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Riveting interview on MR this morning, Geraldine Jameson chatting to Paul Daniels. We really need MR to keep us abreast of the great things happening in the World today.   Also, the Radio Doctor, now I am sure he has some great pearls of wisdom to impart but I can never understand a word he says, mumbles and more mumbles. Then I nearly missed David's exciting competition, today it was songs of unrequited love, because of Valentines Day coming up, the excitement was intense. Last week it was songs with girls names in the title, Callister certainly knows how to spice up a windy Sunday morning.   Well worth a million a year , of course it is.

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