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Where Is Our 3g - 3.5g?

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I've never understood why the Isle of Man doesn't have one of the lowest priced telecommunication networks in Europe, if not the World.


All the old excuses are rather outdated now.


I think the real reason is because 'they can'. And you all seem to accept it. Because you have so much money here.

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We have little choice but to accept it! It is a government licensed monopoly with no apparent limitations/accountability on profits. Such licences let to the private sector (and there are a few) should have service levels as a condition. Part of these levels should impose replicated free market factors to keep prices at realistic level.


Brains better than mine could work them out, but it doesn't seem to be a factor in the thinking here!


It does seem bizarre that a Government Minister can say that with the introduction of zero rate corproate tax, he would hope to see the savings reflected in the tariffs. Come on, you have given a commercial organisation permission to operate as a monopoly with self-imposed free market restrictions! Get real, if you were given that freedom, what would you (or your shareholders expect you to) do?

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