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Well I guess somebody had to start the topic. Will you be watching it tonight? I haven't heard much about the house or contestants other than that it's supposed to be very cramped and they are all going to have to sleep 2 or even 3 to a bed from the first night.


I do love watching all the wierdoes housemates entering the house for the first time.

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there is rumoured to be some bloke going in who likes to dress up as wonder woman :blink: just your average normal person going in then?


anybody going to be buying loads on kit kats in the hope of finding a golden ticket to get in the house.

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We have so far . . .


Bonnie (or Bonna as she seems to pronounce her name)

Pete (I had heard they were putting somebody in with Tourettes)

George (Posh bloke who hasn't said much)

Shabaz (Gray Scottish bloke who keeps touching everybody)

Lea (Big boobs and blonde hair - huge boobs in fact)

Imogen (Pretty Welsh girl)

Mikey (Vain Scouse bloke - looks like Vernon Kaye)

Dawn (Attitude!! What a misery)

Glyn (Nudist, Welsh Lifeguard)

Richard (Canadian gay guy)

Grace (Posh bird)

Lisa (Loud Chinese girl)

Sezer (Entrepreneur)

Nikki (Wannabe footballer's wife)


Who did you love or hate out of that lot?

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My initial winner predictions (which will probably change by next week) are:


1st Pete

2nd Lisa

3rd Imogen


First evictee will be either George or Dawn.

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George is pretty hot though :P


Imogen, Grace and Nikki are looking good ;)


Why is there only really nice girls, and not guys? :(

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Why is there only really nice girls, and not guys? sad.gif

Beeeeecause they need either more blokes watching or more lesbians. Yay I win.


I don't usually watch it so I'll probably look in now, girl89 you should work in marketing for them :)

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