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Snow Patrol Sold Out Before Lunch...


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I heard they tried and failed to get Velvet Revolver last year. Is this the wrong band?


Velvet Revolver are sort of the remains of Guns 'N Roses (it's comprised of three ex-members of GnR and two others) - most significantly they've got the GnR guitar wizard Slash as one of their major components, along with Duff and Matt, and Stone Temple Pilots' Scott Weiland (and some other dude as well who was in a pretty decent band).


They are a supremely kick-ass rock band, although not that many people have heard of them, so I wouldn't be surprised if they couldn't sell out two nights at the Villa. (Although they do well in the States.)


Guns 'N Roses were, of course, the most magnificent rock band in the world ever, given that they produced Appetite For Destruction, but unfortunately, Axel went bonkers and disappeared resolutely and unapologetically up his own ass, so even Use Your Illusion 1+2 were desperately flawed, although still possessed of some brilliance.


Slash is cool and so are the other guys in Velvet Revolver - I recommend their album "Contraband" - but the question remains, would they have sold out two nights at the Villa at £35 per ticket?


Probably not.


(Mind you, I'd have much rather bought two tickets to see them than fucking Lou Reed, even if the end result of not being able to go was the same, at least I'd have had tickets for a decent rock band gathering dust instead of two tickets to see some incontinent crooning ex skaghead.)

and what's so wrong with that!? ;) fuckin great desc.!

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