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Web Stats August 2004


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Unique visitors: 3,312

Hits: 1,617,012

Bandwidth: 6.12Gb


Most Popular Day of the Week: Monday

Most Popular Hour of the Day: 1pm

Most Users Browsed for Duration: 5mn-15mn

Most Used Entry Page: http://www.manxforums.com/forums/


Most Popular Operating System: Windows

Most Popular Browser: MS Internet Explorer


Top Search Key Phrase: Manx Forums


New User Registrations: 62

New Topics Created: 319

New Posts: 5082

Topic Views: 67728

Private Messages Sent: 477

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Ripsaw and Ean were the first to be warned and were only at 10% same as the others who were warned. Do they come in as having the highest activity as they were subsequently reduced?? Further, all activity was pre-August.


Not an accurate statistic me thinks.... I'm sure we have others who are higher no?


PS Have checked and we have at least one higher - so think that the statistic measures general activity, whether positive or negative, and not relative to August.

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... and increased your moderation... Heh!


I realise that, but he still only reached the level that we still have one at. It definitely measures general activity rather than level reached.

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If you were to listen to some people you'd think I was the most active moderator, I'm glad these stats disprove that.


I am sure that Ripsaw's and Ean's figures are due to errors BUT I think we should ban them just as a warning to others that we will not tolerate people accidently getting warned.

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