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The Mercedes Must Go...

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I've just got the 'new' car, so ought to make the effort now to sell the Merc!


It's a 1988 Mercedes 300CE automatic...which is the 2-dr coupe version of the standard 3-litre saloon. It has pillarless doors, so you can (electrically) wind down all the windows if it's hot and have no ugly door frame in the way. It's also got a lecky tilt/slide sun roof, and seats 4/5 in grey leather luxury.


Colour is dark met blue with grey side panels. Wheels are Lorinser alloys, and the car has the proper Merc lowering kit. Mileage is just 79k and it drives and rides beautifully. Straight six engine is lovely and smooth, and gives around 20mpg. Body and interior are in VGC, and it's got a good CD/radio fitted with upgraded speakers (although I'll probably keep the sub and amp for the Jag).


Only thing that doesn't work as far as I know are the foglights - which just went out one night...I checked the fuses, so can only assume it's a relay or blown bulb. And it starts first turn of the key hot or cold, but takes a bit longer if the engine is simply warm.


Just had a new heated rear screen fitted, and a full service - so she's ready to go to a good home. Offer via PM here please around £4500. And please - no tyre kickers or boy racers...


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You have to buy the car to see THAT picture again...


Let's say I've learned at least one important lesson here!




PS: Comes complete with a Pink Floyd CD in the player...

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You guys crack me up.


It was a response to Tee's strapline hactually!! The CD player works wonderfully.


BTW - any ideas on how to fit a sub in the boot of the Jag - the fuel tank sits right below the rear parcel shelf, and there seem no holes in that rear bulkhead at all to let the sound waves through elsewhere...but I may be wrong. I have a sub and an amp I'm taking out of the Merc - the amp will take a line input or a speaker feed, so it's just a matter of finding one of those too...

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...Thanks Ripsaw...I DO have a pair of JBL bass bins from a PA system I could superglue to the fine Connolly hide interior... but they're in matt black emulsion and wouldn't really complement the black walnut elsewhere...


Thanks Unisol...I'll mebbe try it 'unported' and see how it sounds. Roger Waters basslines will make a nice antidote at the traffic lights to people listening to that new-fangled House music I suppose.

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