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Traffic Lights


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Not at traffic lights in general but a specific set. The ones in Parliament Square in Ramsey.


Does anybody agree that they just don't work? All they seem to have achieved is create greater queues in all directions and made the pedestrian crossing by Shoprite way more dangerous (it probably wouldn't be if people used the new crossing but seeing as everyone still seems to be using the old one....)


Is it needed. I can see the old problem when there was traffic coming from 4 directions but this was solved when the traffic flow in Parliament Street was reversed.


Would the DoT bite the bullet and admit they are crap? I doubt it.


What does anyone else think?

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I think the only way it'll ever work efficiently is if they widen the junction to allow vehicles to pass those that are trying to turn right (from both ends) coming from the Bowring Road / Albert Terrace directions.


At present, all that seems to happen is you get one vehicle (always the first in the line) holding up everyone else because they want to turn right.


Lose some pavement and lose that fecking useless carpark by the Chuck Wagon (or make it smaller) and the whole junction should work better.


EDIT: you could also lose some pavement outside the Swan, there's no need for so much room there.


And yeah, people of Ramsey, get with the times yessir, the pedestrian crossing by Shoprite is gone - okay?

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Ahh fuck it, while I'm at it...


Can drivers stop being so fecking cautious and slow off the mark at the junction?


Green means go, not think about going or hmm, how slowly can I drive through these lights today then. Get the fuck on with it and stop holding everyone else up ffs!

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If I'm ever going from Ramsey out to Peel (bearing in mind I'm coming from the Clifton Park end of things), I simply hang a right at the Shoprite car park (as anyone with any fucking sense would) and get out onto the Lezayre Road that way.


Amen to that brother, I thought I was the only person that had thought of that one to be honest.


I'm glad there's at least one other switched on individual in this town. :)

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They could have made Parliament Street one way in the other direction (as they did do), but just left it at that, no need for the lights then, as the ebb and flow of traffic would have sorted itself out.


My thoughts exactly. They could have at least tried it before going to the expense of installing lights. Perhaps it wouldn't have improved matters but there was only one way to find out.....

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On top of that, they've put in KEEP CLEAR road markings for the entrance to Raymotors, (which enough people ignore as it is), but just a few feet away you've got people trying to get in and out of Brookfield Drive, and no KEEP CLEAR markings (which you couldn't really have anyway 'cause then you'd have people stopping about thirty feet short of the actual lights).


End result is that if you have someone coming out of Ramsey trying to turn right into Brookfield Avenue, as often as not they can't do so because the entrance is blocked by traffic waiting at the lights, then traffic can back up right the way back through the lights, add in someone trying to turn right at the lights themselves (in either direction) and it doesn't take a genius to figure out you can end up with a pretty total stalemate in every direction.


What I do here, If I'm in the position to do so, is leave a space so that people trying to exit Brookfield Avenue can turn right, as can those wanting to turn into it. I've noticed others doing the same, but it's amazing how many don't, thereby fagging up the whole fucking thing. What does it cost you anyway? You're sat in traffic, awaiting that magical green light so why not try and improve the traffic flow in some small way? I even let the first car pull out ahead of me when the lights go green, so at least one of them gets a chance but even this astounds me, as I wave them forward as soon as the lights hit amber and they just fucking sit there like some dumb animal caught in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle.


Seriously, there's a large percentage of the driving population that really do need to get a clue and wake themselves up!

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No right turn into Lazayre Road, force everyone round Shopshite.

Get rid of that awful car park outside the chuck-up wagon.

Move the crossing back to Shopshite, no-one uses the other one anyway.

Keep the crossing between the pubs, very useful.

Filter the lights with right into P St first.

Right turn into Brookfield, take some of pavement on the corner by petrol station and make a second lane.

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I have to say that the DOT really have surpassed themselves with this 'unique' style of traffic management. Not once ever since I have lived in or around Ramsey (27 years) have I seen traffic backed up to the Bus station from Parliament Sq until they 'introduced' those goddamn awful lights.


It's just pure stupidity, more than likely from someone who lives out of the town, to have thought that lights there would be a good idea on top of the street reversal.


Wouldn't be surprising if this same stupidity seen the person responsable earning a Darwin Award in a few years to come.

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I've only ever seen one, and that was from some numpty biker on a Harley undertaking a Manx Gas van as they were pulling into that small carpark (before the reversal). Needless to say the van was the better off and the biker went away with a bruised ego.


He even tried to blame the van driver, even though they blatently had their indicators on. Apart from that I don't think I have ever seen an actual crash involving the old junction.

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The traffic lights are a complete pain in the arse. I think they were only of any use at TT week and even then it was debatable.


Why have them? Sure the reverse one way of parliament street wouldve been more than enough to ease the flow of traffic?


And with regards to the turn off by Shoprite...it has always been the quickest route to/from lezayre so why did they believe a set of traffic lights would help? I imagine going any route other than the square is now the quickest route.


Round about? youre jokin right? its bad enough driving round ramsey with 80% of the population over 65 without adding another roundabout for them to either 1. ignore or 2. to stop at and not move.

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  • 9 years later...

Holy thread revival...


10 years after installation I see that our wonderful DOI have decided to make these shit traffic lights even shitter by changing the sequences.


This morning I queued for about 5 minutes to get through the lights and as I drove up Lezayre Road the traffic was backed up past the Grammar School West building.


Chop some pavement off outside the Town Hall so cars don't get blocked by traffic waiting to turn right up Lezayre Road and everything should work much better, or even better put a roundabout there instead and have the lights just for pedestrians.

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