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Tesco Home/extra Store?


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the original market was to the quay side of the old St Mathews - there was an early attempt (wellington hall - demolished and now underneath M&S) to move it elsewhere hence Market st but after old St Mathews was demolished two markets were opened - one for fish etc the other for veg - the British legion club is I think the former, the market (a currently completely wasted resource in my opinion) is I think the latter

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Does anyone think Tesco should be rained in a little or should we just watch market forces prevail.

I wouldnt think local suppliers will be able to compete and if they go out of business we might be left with less, not more, choice than we have now.


Be careful what you wish for. It's your choice. Personally, I found that the Shoprite in Douglas was better then Tesco because it had a greater variety of goods for sale.

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