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The Day After Tomorrow

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I just watched this now, not a bad film really... the special effects were pretty impressive it's just a shame that (despite the token Tokyo shot and the british connection) it was once again all based in America. With Ian Holm thrown in for good measure.


There seemed to be a lot of loose ends to it though, like what happens to all the ice when it melts and stuff. They always go for the human appeal in these sort of films so we see more about the characters than the storyline (which was lame). It would have been more impressive if it had just gotten worse and worse and ended up a proper tragedy. Or maybe I'm just twisted like that ;)


Now I'm off to watch Revenge of the Gangbang Zombies. Night.

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That's what I mean Dec... they xxxx themselves when the sea rises pretty high, then panic when it all freezes... but when it all melts they don't care. Surely it has to go somewhere...


Oh and I watched I, Robot instead. Might comment on that later.

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