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Sorry guys just a little shameless plug if you don't mind.....


I know most of you know that I teach a funk aerobics class --- but we have just changed the way you can take the class and I just thought I would let people know. You used to have to sign up for an eight-week course, now all you have to do is show up any Thursday at 7:30pm at The Refinery on Duke Street and its only £5


So get funky and fit at the same time.


Also, several people were interested in the Strip Aerobics ---- it will be coming very soon.

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Does the Refinery have a list of courses that it runs? Their website has been "under construction" for ages and I never seem to be down that end of the street to call in for one


They're growing and growing at the moment and so I think the website should be next off the ground. He's finishing off the ground floor, which is going to be a juice bar and will be opening up 2 more floors for classes so things will be expanding very soon in terms of variety and times of classes.


Give the owner, Craig, a ring on 667 837 and he can get you up to speed on all the classes


Off the top of my head I know they do Tae Bo, Breakdancing/hip hop classes, kick boxing and dancercise.


The funk aerobics class is a bit like dancercise but a bit more of an aerobic workout (i.e. you'll be sweating more!) focusing on funky dance and aerobic moves mixed with funky house and breaks music, then 10 minutes of toning at the end and a nice 5 minute chill cool-down

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I'm...errrr...just going to watch the first half dozen times, to...errrr...make sure it's REALLY for me!


Would that be the strip aerobics then Stu?


The young fella in my avatar has expressed an interest in the strip aeobics too, so you may well see him down there.


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