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Washing Machine


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Just to cap off a weekend of nonsensical things going wrong the sodding washing machine door will not open after finishing its cycle.


I believe that a magnet holds it shut for a few seconds after it finished (anyone know why?)


Anyhow - is there a way to force it to open without breaking it?


I have powered it off at the mains and its made no odds.




Edit to add: Its a whirlpool if that makes any difference.

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Also, try pushing it closed again (it may have become jammed because you tried to open it before the lock was released).


(Have no idea why there is a locked period after the cycle has fully ended, other than to annoy users who have to sit and watch a still washing machine until they hear the click and know it is time to open the door.)

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Don't force it, you will do more damage. I suspect your thermal door interlock has a problem and has failed in the locked position. I would leave the machine for a while (power off) and try later when the bi-metallic strip that is usually in these things might slowly or suddenly move back so that you can open it.


Forcing the machine open will potentially cause loads more problems and damage. Repairers usually have to fix this by taking the top of the machine off and getting at it that way, but if you don't know what you are doing with this sort of thing I would get someone out. There are lots of electrics in washing machines, incliuding f**k off capacitors which store lots of power even when the machine is off.

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