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Horses On Narrow Roads


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Maggle has a point,very well put! I ride horses on the roads but usually now only at weekends because of the increasing danger especially from heavy wagons. What really annoys me is the number of riders who don't bother to thank you when you slow down and the people who do not wear hi viz clothing.

I think I am correct in saying however that in the Highway Code it is advised that riders should ride in twos to encourage the traffic to move out into the road to overtake. This obviously wouldn't apply in a narrow lane.

The British Horse Society organised a road safety lecture last week but I don't suppose it was very well attended. The Pony Club also have tests for their members and a series of lectures before they take the test.

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Even though a horse and their rider usually look identical, what with the likelihood of both having been sired by the same stallion, and both smell revolting, that doesn't mean they have no rights to be on the highway. (Besides, anything that frustrates the petrol heads should be rewarded imho, lol,lol,lol.... )

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Is there some sort of test for horse riders before they take to the road, like a CBT that moped riderds need to do?

Good idea, though the problem is that any animal is unpredictable, and regardless of the ability of the rider, the horse will behave as it sees fit.


Scientists ranked eight species in order of intelligence: dog, cat, pig, horse, cow, sheep, chicken and turkey. Dogs, with the intelligence of a *two year old child can learn upwards of 110 words or signals. Cats, which are less trainable, are said to have the intelligence of about an *18 month old and a vocabulary of about two dozen commands. Horses are really thick.


*Double if resident in the USA.

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ketamine is the way forward for horse riders, it's the new smack.

Horseriders would get so addicted they can't move, the horse would then start getting really ill because it's not being looked after.

The vet would call round on a tip-off to help the horse and in the mean time the horserider would steal the ketamine.

The horse would die and therefore rid the islands roads of horses. The horse would be greatful as heaven is much better than his ill-repute stable in the Isle of Man.

The vet would not get his vet bills and send the heavies round who leave the horserider in a bad state, who then can't phone for help as they are paralysed with ketamine in the blood.

They would then die and therefore not have the urge to buy a horse.

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Oh here we go again. The usual motorists rant about anything that doesn't have an internal combustion engine & 4 wheels. How predictable. If you b@stards got out of your cars & started using other means of transport, then you wouldn't have these problems. End of story. And most of you do not (despite what you have tried to convince yourselves & others) need to use your cars to get around.

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