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Saddam Gets Death Penalty

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Thank you for checking and defeating your own argument that it wasn't just 'you are all dicks for living on the Isle of Man'.


Cheers! :)

Thank you for confirming that Government policy to exclude most dicks has been effective.


Cheers! :)

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where were the wmd ? there was none !!

saddam had nothing to do with sept 11th !!

There was no link with al queda !!

every civillian contract in Iraq had to go through dick chaney and the oval office !!

wake up and smell the roses its economics , the capitalists war for oil headed and directed by bush , and his side kick tony b liar !!


other statements by george w ... that man tried to kill my daddy !!

god told me to go to war !!

this was tyrancy !!! nothing more nothing less !!

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