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Cerwin Vega! Vs10 Floorstanding Hifi Speakers

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I've owned these beasts since they were new - they can handle loads of power as with pretty much any Cerwin Vega speakers, and they are very sensitive so they don't need much power to run them loud either.


If you want a big pair of asskicking speakers look no further. The cabinets and grills are in good nick, and the they sound awesome. Only minor issues are that the colour on the woofers is a bit faded, and one of the tweeters was replaced with a non CV unit as the correct one could not be sourced but it still sounds great.


Here's how much these go for secondhand because they are sought after:



But I would take a lot less than this so make me a sensible offer. I'm moving house in a few weeks and need the space!


Perfect to go with some decks for a budding DJ!


*Edit* will swap for a half decent pair of bookshelf speakers.

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Great speakers!


I have a pair of Cerwin Vega AT-60 speakers that I might also be pursuaded to sell if the right off comes along.


4ohm 200watt RMS input and sound great. They look the same as Cret's really.

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Right - I've still got these bad boys and they're really in the way & have to get rid for smaller, wife friendly speakers so they're going dirt cheap now.


The ebay link above is out of date now but from memory I think they went for £550 second hand but better condition than these.


I'm prepared to take a teeny £75 for these now as I really have to get rid of them.

*Edit* OR will swap for a half decent pair of bookshelf speakers.


They're chunky speakers and very very powerful but also have a high sensitivity (92 or 94db from memory) so you only need a small amp to make them go loud.


Go on, it'd be rude not to for this almost giveaway price!


Same as pic shown.


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