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Songs That Bring It All Back?


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The Charlatans - The Only One I know is one of mine as well: it always reminds me of the dank, sticky floors of the Tardis and getting there early so we could sneak in before the bouncers arrived.


Others are:


Whale - Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun




Sisters of Mercy - This Corrosion always reminds me of the follies of youth, such as listening to the Sisters of Mercy.


Damn nostalgia.

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Tubthumping - by what are they called, cant remember......will come back to me!



Run DMC - Walk this way


Salt N Pepper - Push it


Bros - Cat among the pigeons


Larry Heard (Mr Fingers/Fingers Inc) - Can you feel it


Blaze - Break for Love


Soul II Soul - Keep on moving


That tune "20 seconds to comply"


Happy Mondays - Wrote for Luck


Progidy - Charlie


Shamen - Move any mountain


Moby - Go


Stakker Humanoid - snowman mix


Charlantans - Sproston Green (prob still one of my all time fave tunes)


Northside - LSD


God there is loads more, music was massive part of my life....

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For me the list would be massive, but here are a few


Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees

The Logical Song - Supertramp

More Than a Feeling - Boston

Rock Lobster - B52s

Just Like Starting Over - John Lennon

Don't You Want Me - Human League

Anything by Black Lace (reminds me of being a DJ and having to play cheesy songs)

Lika a Prayer - Madonna


Loads of stuff from the 90s but the older stuff brings a smile to my face.

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Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini by Bryan Hyland (I sang it - very badly - in a talent show in the Villa Marina Gardens with the Ivy Benson Band probably doing their best to drown me out).

Cathy's Clown by The Everly Brothers (They played it constantly in Pulrose Youth Club when I was still too young to join and could only listen to it from my back garden)

Sha La La La Lee by the Small Faces (I performed it as a guest singer with a band and, getting carried away, swung the microphone around by its lead - which wasn't as firmly attached as it should have been - and ended up giving the lead guitarist a black eye)

Tracy by The Cufflinks (It may, in a subliminal way, have been responsible for the naming of my eldest daughter - who's never really forgiven me for it)

Nothing Compares To U by Sinead O'Connor (Special memories for my wife and I)

The Living Years by Mike & The Mechanics (Because it always reminds me of my foster father, makes me realise how much I miss him, and can actually make me cry)

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Flowered Up - Weekender



god that's brought back memories! I'd completely forgotten about flowered up till i read that.


The album that brings back university memories for me is The Stereo MCs - Connected


The songs that brings back 6th form memories are EMF - unbelievable and Deelite - groove is in the heart - the themes of our 6th form party at the Viking longhouse.


before that I was all wet, wet, wet , curiosity killed the cat and, strangely, peter gabriel.


But the album that brings back way more memories of childhood than any other is........



WAR OF THE WORLDS by Jeff Wayne! An absolute classic.

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Actually, Jacobs Ladder by Chumbawamba takes me back to essay time in my first year of uni, staying up until stupid a.m. hopped up on coffee trying to write a conclusion (which i still hadn't actually decided on) for the most important essay i had.


And Sewn by The Feeling reminds me of a few months back when we'd finished our second year and just singing along to it very loudly whilst in a taxi with a lot of my mates whilst the, somewhat bemused, taxi driver laughed at us.

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I also loved Weekender by Flowered up - anyone remember the 12 inch they brought out with a picture of themselves in the sleeve with flowers round their heads and then on closer inspection the lead singer had his willy out!!


I loved Pragga khan - Injected with a poison (we all used to childishly sing injected with a penis!)


Waterboys - Whole of the moon, reminds me of a lad i used to hang out with rather naughtily when i was in last year of school


Baker St - Jerry Rafferty "hes a rolling stone, another year and then youll be happy....." Reminds me of my stepdad doing a tape of songs for me to take away to college in UK when i was 16 and was instructed to listen to it when homesick!


Pretty Pink Flamingoes - dont know who its buy either!!!! Lou Reed????


Caravan - Golf Girl - reminds me of stoned times in Port Erin


Dodgey - I am the Grass man


Finley Quaye - his whole first album reminds me of traveling accross Australia in a camper van!!

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