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first gig here was Reef in.... 2000?


and the first gig across was Del Amitri in 2002


wierd really.... I'd played gigs in pubs before I actually saw a proper band live at a proper venue....

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First ever gig was Marmalade at the Lido (I was only 12 ish, I guess). First gig across was (the name has gone, the lead singer was Paul someone or other who later had a reasonably successful solo career until his voice became too strained, can visualise him, but hell even Google won't help me here !)


First festival was Nebworth in 1986.


Got it, it was the Q-Tips (cotton buds were all that I had in my head!) in 1979 at Leciester Poly SU.



Singer was Paul Young. Last I heard of him was he was playing in a Latino pub band.

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My first I can remember was called Summerfest '77. It was a 3 night event and I went to the last night. The three acts that played were Wild Cherry, Richie Havens and Peter Tosh. I did not have a ticket but managed to sneak in. When Peter Tosh was on they opened the gates and let everyone outside in.


Peter Tosh smoked some weed on stage. It did not go down very well with the police. He did not get arrested though.

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First Gig, Run DMC, Eric B & Rakim and LL Cool J = 1987 ish Manchester Apollo

2nd was ether Public Enemy at the Apollo or the Happy Mondays on Platt Fields I can remember because it all started to get hazy at that point...


1st on on the IOM was Reef.


All very nice.

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Seen a few local bands performing - Black Riders, Suicide Highlife Problem etc, my first 'festival' was Bizarre in Germany 1989 - fantastic!


What really cracked me up, was after JAMC finished playing & people started milling out of the festie site to their tents was Monty Pythons "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" pumping through the PA full blast.


Went to Glasonbury the following year, (freebie into the travellers field) - after an attempt to get to Stonehenge on the Soltisce, via the 'Skool Bus' - this was a charity run by/for travellers - had a couple of teachers onboard that would go round various traveller sites & help teach the kids - we got there quite late at night & fell upon Hawkwind mid set - these guys were truly awsome - especially considering the state I was in.


- Also met 'King Arthur' Arthurian Warband that day - very nice bloke - really funny (couldn't work out if he was serious, or just doing it for fun!)


1991 I think Glastonbury was cancelled, so after my failed attempts to get anywhere near Stonhenge for the Solstice, I ended up at 'free festival' at Longstock - I distinctly remember a band called Greenegg & also a huge dance tent (not really seen before), with what became the beginnings of the Spiral Tribe.


Went to all the Glastonbury's (that were on) after that upto about 1995.


IIRC Hawkwind played a couple of gigs a Summerland in 94, and again in 95 - truly awsome psychedelia!!


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