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New Years Eve


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Paying to get into the Cornerhouse. Is this what NYE has become?


Bollocks to it all. I think I will go out on Saturday instead and spend NYE drinking Grolsch and watching repeats of Prison Break.


Bloody millennium has ruined that night forever



please yourself.


the option is there for anyone still undecided and fancy a bit of musicy bands and some grub

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Well I am out on the lash in Peel.


Dont actually feel too well at the moment, got some sort of tummy bug, but hopefully a few beers will sort me out.


Happy New Year All - Ray, if you keep going to after 1am I might say hi!

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Paramount closed? Thats one place I thought would be open on NYE.


Find yourself a house party, always fun :D


Sefton want to bury that place, by keeping it closed when it should be open - So nobody cares when they flatten it.

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Paramount is OPEN for new year - TAPPED - tickets available on the door. Going to be a great night.


Tickets? You expect people to pay to get in somewhere where they then have to pay extortionate prices for drinks?


I don't know - The smell of stail sweat is worth it lol!

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