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Xbox Chipping Service


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Want your xbox chipped? well I supplie the chip and install it for just £50! The Chip I supplie is the Xecuter 2.6!


At the time of this post i currently have 2 chips in stock and 1 x 120GB hard drive!


I can do a deal on 1 x chip and the 120GB hard drive, so you get the chip installed and the hard drive installed for just £130!!


If i am out of stock of chips when you contact me i will order upon demand.


Hello devil,


If you do not mind, I'd like to make one or two suggestions to improve the spelling, punctuation and grammar of your advert:-








I hope you do not take offence at my suggestions; I am merely trying to help you in your quest to understand the English language better.

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Chipping it means you can play 'backups' of games (obviously in case you lose your original copy which you made the backup from.


Can also install a much bigger hard disc so you can play games directly from that. Also you can install other bios versions and get the Xbox to do various other bits & bobs like run emulator programs etc.

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Had mine chipped awhile now (By Dev :) )


So glad I did it, can now play all types of media thats stored on my laptop from my xbox.

The 'backup' of games is also very handy ;) load up times are much faster from a hard drive.


Emulators are good fun as well. Nice playing jet set willy on a 36" widescreen telly.

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Bah! My Xbox has media player 2.4 installed on it but buggered if I can suss out how I'm meant to get it to access all the stuff on my PC.


Sure it must be quite straightforward really but buggered if I can get it to do anything!


Anyone fancy giving me a hand via MSN or something?

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