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Xbox Chipping Service


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I found out how :) im doing it on my box :)


If you use XBMC (Xbox Media Center) and goto: SMB(WORKGROUPS)


And on your pc goto: control pannel and then "system" then if you goto "computer name" make sure where workgroup is, it is set to: WORKGROUP


and then your xbox will pickup the shares you have on your PC L:D


Thats how it is setup on my xbox and pc :). works a damm treat!


If you need the latest XBMC build e-mail me.

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Will have a try this evening.


I've got Xbox media player on mine though which is the older version of media centre. Have downloaded media centre but I think I might have to change some of the files or something before FTPing it to the xbox.


Got to get it to work though as it sounds perfect for piping everything through my main hifi/TV!!

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Hmm, I'm just getting an "error - access denied" message.  Any ideas why?


If the folder/drive that you want to share with your XBox is formatted using NTFS, go to properties > security and give the "Everyone" group read, read & execute and list folder contents rights.


Simply sharing the folder doesn't seem to give the XBox permissions to see the drive.


Nice of you to share your 'pr0n' folder with everyone on the network!;)

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I suspect I have an idea now of why this isn't working.


After looking at a proper user manual for XBMP I realised that when I FTP to the xbox I tell it the Xbox's IP so it knows where to look/send the files.


On XBMP however, I haven't at any point told it what my PC's IP address is so even though it's connected and there are shared folders how will it know where to look for stuff?


I think it's the config file on the xbox that needs the PC's IP address, but then as my IP changes all the time (I think) how can I make that work?


Or am I barking up the wrong tree entirely?!

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I have got media centre too but am not sure if it's all setup right or not.


Success anyway as I've now got it to play tunes from the PC via SMB. Couldn't make it work with the RelaX server for some reason.


I wouldn't mind changing it to XBMC but I'm a little bit scared of messing it all up now I've just got the smelly little bugger running at last!!


Is XBMC much different to XBMP?

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Hmmm, well I've got XBMC on there as well now and I've meddled with the Xboxmediacentre.xml file but when I try to connect to the folders I've set up it says access denied even though I've no passwords or anything set on them and my other PC can open them fine.

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