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11 hours ago, Chinahand said:

Erm ... this is a discussion forum.

Well make it more like a discussion then. As at the minute it's just you parroting and defending the official narrative on everything and challenging anyone who doesn't agree with you. It's so black and white.

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They should have used the suicide in the woods or lock yourself in a sports holdall method if they wanted to avoid suspicion.

I would certainly want to see a lot more than just circumstantial evidence of Russian involvement if I was a UK ally, or indeed if I was Theresa or (God help us) Boris. We need to know who contam

The "mum's" scenario atm sounds as  reasonable as  what we are being fed by the UK's political masters , after all do you believe David Kelly 'topped himself'?

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16 hours ago, the stinking enigma said:

In  logical keeping with the surrealism of the whole saga the emergency vehicles have been buried at landfill. With the advice that they pose "absolutely no risk to the public" 


Bizarre. I’d have thought a full valet would make more sense.  I bet there are Eastern European gentlemen, possibly even Russians, offering such a service for about £3 a pop in that neck of the woods. 

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3 hours ago, Stitch said:

I have no medical knowledge..........but, "a little meningitis, left in my system"



What’s odd? Meningitis may be viral or bacterial. If bacterial it’s treated with antibiotics. They can take time to work, and for all the bugs to be killed of and not a few hiding and able to return and for the inflammation to subside.

I’m not a medic either ( paging Wrighty) but common sense indicates it’ll depend on how soon he was diagnosed, what treatment he received and how has his system been affected by the Novichok, or his lifestyle.

He could have started to develop septicaemia, that may make recovery slower.

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Luckily enough, i'm willing to believe they wore the same clothes throughout their clandestine and dangerous mission, walked past every hd cctv camera en route, took the train to scout their mission, filled a fake perfume bottle which was so advanced only a state actor could have carried it off, spilled some in their hotel room then took the same train wearing the same clothes to carry out their dastardly deed then left grinning from ear to ear walking past more hd cctv cameras, after leaving the evidence in a bin, which still hadn't been emptied 3 months later or maybe dropping it in the park,  before hopping on the plane home, using an official Russian passport but maybe not in their names, yet they were definitely Russian, probably spetznatz too I'd wager by the morning.

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