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Christmas Eve


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how about you.... go shopping earlier?



No sense of tradition, some people.


You mean the tradition of visiting all the pubs/bars where you consider yourself to be a 'regular' (even though none of the bar staff have the foggiest idea who you are - apart from a Polish bloke you once inadvertently tipped 50p and who is now your friend for life); then staggering around Castle Street and Strand Street in search of some wonderful gift that will show your partner just how much you care - and ending up, just as the shops are closing, in Specsavers, with a somewhat bemused expression on your face?

Nah! Never done it. Not a traditionalist!

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Let's hope Ottaker's is open and selling Greg Norman's autobiography, or alternatively HMV is open and selling the best of Depeche Mode.



HEY - Depeche Mode are my heroes - saw them in 1990 (ish) - they broke my gig cherry so be careful what you say about them...

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