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Jesus H Christ Eating Cakes On A Bike...

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...I've put on 8lb over Christmas. I will say, however, that 26 days in Thailand dring mainly Lager every day will be the main reason (I NEVER drink Lager here).

Saying that, I'm still 24lb lighter than when I was my heaviest 14 months ago so who fcuking cares ???


So, what did any of you lot put on over Christmas ?...



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2 months up to christmas - lost 2 stone :)


2 weeks over christmas put 4 lbs back on as massive turkey and christmas pudding shaped lapse in concentration occurred



Still 1 st 10 lbs in the lead.


Right where was my will power and determination or did i eat it

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A fooking lot...Over the Christmas period (the student style one, starting about 3 weeks ago!) my wedding ring has become increasingly tight (read: stuck) :( If I wasn't going back to poverty and no chocolate as of next week, I think I'd need it surgically removed!


you have a tight ring? :ph34r:

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No different to the last 4 years really tbh - maybe a little less on the food front but the alcohol has been consumed in equal quantities. (hic)


I think the main difference this year is that I've not been a couch potato and have done a lot of work around the house.

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Dam it i put on about 9 pounds, simply cause i started mu festive season on around the 2nd Dec!! Being very good now though, need to loose 2 stone before I go to Cape Verde at end of March - there is no way someone is mistaking me for a beached whale while laying on the beach!!!


So yea its diet food for me - I dont mind actually as I was getting sick of the rich food, booze, mince pies, chocolate, its quite strange that towards the end I started craving things like baked potatoes, salad, beans on toast, crunchy things like carrots and cucumber sticks! Its just shows that my body tries to be healthy in its own little way! I must say I am sick of wine and all booze too - I actually feel like being sober and just being healthy! There is only so much junk and booze someone can take!


On a more serious note though, with me putting on the 9 pounds i can really feel it in my back. really scary how I feel much more slower and just in pain in my back - made me feel bad that i treat my body so badly. I also noticed that i felt so tired, sluggish, moody in the 3 weeks that i was just eating pure junk - and now this week from eating healthy my mood has lightened, i have more energy and just feel better in myself, so its deffo worth eating well! Roll on a new me in 2007!

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