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Election Looming For Two Places On Legislative Council

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I don't know what the hell is going on any more.


The Waterloo turning into Starbucks and Juan Turner standing for LEGCO.


We're all going to hell in a hand cart!!!!!


What really gets me on the latest round of nominations that none have even sought public office before. I mean if your that keen to be part of the political process why have you not previously stood for MHK or at least as a Commissioner?


-- and no Juan 2 minutes of local radio coverage don't count as being involved in the political process.


Maybe personally it wasn't the right time for the candidates

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Juan has followed Manx politics for many years, he's covered and had an interest in it for over a decade.

Looks like JT will get in on the next attempt. Talking with a few MHK's over the last few days seem to indicate that unless someone else comes forward he will get the votes needed

Congratulations Mr Turner MLC

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:D :D :D


Heyy people on forum and Tynwald Isle you know I am always here to make you all happyy!!!! and I will go forward to legisltove council and say "HEyy, I'mm Dippity Doo and you want me for your council"


(I don't think they want Dippity Doo as a Deemster as ther eis already a Deemster DD there you see and they might mix us up.


But I am very willing to play my part in this country by being sitting next to Pamela Crow who eats lemons when Mr Karran speak but they said vacant seat is next to policeman in council who make sure everyone is not taking drugs and riding the pucsbike without lites at night and other such stuff. And there is a farmer with beard and sideboards like the farmer in fairy tales have. And a church man.


And the first thing to say to them is "Hey, when you come into Tynwalds don't look as if you have a poker behind you up. Be happy and party like the House of Key do".


But no matter. The point is they all need to be happy, even though I am sure Mr Turner is happy and I dont want to deprive him of a place but ask yourself this question? "Can he organise a party - with parade and girls in grass skirts and whistles and drums and happy music - like only Dippity Doo can?"


Well that is all there is to it. Next time when there are more seats available, then Mr Turner and some other come for election but meanwhile Dippity Doo is willing to do the job for you"


Just bremember:


Dippity Doo, do, do

Dippity Dah, da, da

Dippity Doo Do Do

Dippity Tral la la la la h

la la la lahhh

da da de dahh

da da de da de da de dahhh


And bremember VOTE DIPPITY DOO

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Manx Radio News


Juan goes again !



I'm not sure what the likes of Pam Crowe, Noel Cringle, The AG and the rest of them will think about the possibility of a young whipper snapper joining their ranks!

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They'll have to get used to it, hopefully.


Democracy embraces all, all ages, all people. Welcome to the world Mann!

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I like the way Manx Radio steal pictures off websites, they can have retrospective permission on this occasion!


A bit like the BBC being accused of stealing someone's Manxforums avatar to use on the BBC website!! The Copyright Conundrumthread makes for interesting reading although on reading it, perhaps not such a conundrum.........

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Would Mr Turner have to resign as director of a media organisation if he took up post as a political member? Does anyone know who sets the rules, is it OFCOM?


and what must the senior members of Manx Radio be thinking?

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Well they should have asked an MHK to nominate a Manx Radio candidate.


I think our very own Stu Peters would do very well in Tynwald.


I can imagine at break time though. Stu saying to Brenda: "Are you coming outside for a fag"


Brenda: "Aye, why not Stuart".


But when they get outside Stu realises he's left his ciggies at home and hasn't got any to offer the lady. Fortunately, he is saved by other fellow smoker John Shimmin, who is only too pleased to share his ciggies. Now I am sure John always has only a packet of the best in his pocket and is only too pleased to help out a fellow smoker in need. (When I was a smoker, there was a lot you could tell from a smoker, whether they were good to scrounge off or were scroungers themselves etc. or what type they smoke - me it was usually Players No.6 although Embassy Red when I was out courting. Sometimes Peter Stuyvesant if I really wanted to think I was cool. Marlboro hadn't hit the IoM in them days).


But I do digress.


Yeah, Manx Radio should have got one of their own in there, although it was reported during the start of this run that David Callister might have been up for nomination.

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