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The Last Film You Saw....

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Ennio Morricone died last night. The greatest film composer of his time. This was my personal favourite film that he scored, the beautiful Cinema Paradiso. The final scene is a wonderful testament to

First Man. Not your traditional human spaceflight movie.  From the focus on grief and death, through the scary Captain Shakycam (not a criticism) flight and launch sequences it's not a popcorn mo

Hidden figures.   About the role played by gifted black women in the early days of NASA, performing mathematical calculations for space flight pre computers. So gpod that even when an IBM computer t

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Saw Outpost last night. Nazi Ghosts killing Mercenaries. Not as gory as it's made out to be. Story runs along quite swiftly so good for people with little attentinon span, but not the best horror out there.


Need to see Eden Lake

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Watched The Curious Case of Benjamen Button -- wasn't too impressed -- thought it was a cross between Forest Gump and Titanic. I usually love Cate Blanchett but she was awful. Its worth a watch on dvd in my opinion but I wouldn't rush out.


Also saw Don't Mess with the Zohan with Adam Sandler. Again, love Adam Sandler and it was funny for about 20 minutes in the middle and the rest was craptastic.


Zack and Miri Make a Porno --- worth a watch - quite funny

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Magdalene Sisters - Brilliant film, quite disturbing at times.


Street Kings - Keanu Reeves, Forrest Whittaker and Hugh Laurie playing good cops, bad cops. That said, it was really enjoyable.

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I watched Instinct for the first time Last night, Amazing film imo. Hopkins was class as expected and Cuba Gooding does his usual face pulling and crying but all in all I thought the story was great, I had a bit of a sniffle towards the end of the film when Hopkins explains why he battered those blokes, very moving.

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"The Wrestler" absolutely fantastic film, one of the best ive seen in a very long time, Micky Rourke is fantastic in it and that bruce springsteen song is amazing too. Stunning film, that doesnt suffer from being over-hollywood, and has a great ending...cant believe its been snubbed at the oscars!

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Watched Calvaire last night from the makers of Switchblade Romance.. erm quite odd. Imagine Misery mixed with The League of Gentlemen. There's not many filler scenes in there so it plods along at a good rate. Good film.

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A quick overview of two films I watched last night.


Firstly there was Frontiers. This French horror is set in modern day Paris, bang in the middle of the riot heavy

French elections. Five people have just robbed a bank and after one of them dies in a nearby hospital the remaining four

take refuge in a countryside Inn. Not the best of choices it will seem as the Inn is run by Neo Nazi cannibals. Herein

begins a series of torture scenes, demented laughing and an old man (Father) in various Nazi uniforms shouting in German.


This slice of Euro Horror finds itself nicely placed in the Torture Porn genre, so anyone who didn't enjoy watching Hostel, Saw,

The Devils Rejects etc might want to think twice about sitting down to watch this. Karin Testa does a brilliant job in the

lead role. There will no doubt be a U.S. remake of this, or a similar film to come out in the next couple of years. If it

is made as well as Frontiers then bring on more Facsist Cannibals.



My last film for the night was once again French, this time shying away from the horror and moving onto Thriller.

Tell No One is the story of Alex and Margot. A happily married couple who take a trip to a remote lakeside cabin for a weekend.

One night when skinny dipping Margot is murdered and Alex knocked unconsciouss. Skip forward 8 years and Alex is still

haunted by the murder of his wife. One day he recieves an email with an attached video, CCTV of Margot alive and well.


2 bodies are uncovered the same place Margot was found dead. Margot's murder case re opens and Alex is once again placed as a suspect.

A race is now on for Alex to find out why his wife is alive, where she is and who the secret emailer is. At the same time

the police and henchmen of a local millionaire are also keen to convict Alex and find Margot.


Brilliantly paced film, the acting is fantastic and the storyline full of twists and interesting characters.

If there was some sort of star system I'd give it **** :)

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