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The Last Film You Saw....


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I saw Dirty sanchez a few weeks ago and it was mental, i loved it but i have spoken to people that had to switch it off because they found it a bit much.


I watched premenition last night, not really my cup of tea but i enjoyed it.


I watched the trailer for 1408 last night, now thats the kind of filum in need to watch! 1408

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Watched Metamorphosis last night. Didn't see it through to the end though. Annoying characters, annoying plot line, wooden acting, cheap ass special effects, really really annoying characters.


Please avoid at all costs, it's rated an 18 but I think that's solely down to the sheer shiteness of it.

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Watched Ju-On ( The Grudge ) last nite, absolutely brilliant! Something about japanese horror movies being able to freak you out so much more than the usual hollywood drivel ( including the remake of this move )...Got the second one on order from LoveFilm so fingers crossed for more of the same!

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I've watched loads of horror films, most of which are shite and I recently watched 'The Hills Have Eyes', which was no exception.


The only reason I'm writing about it is because it was sick, proper sick and it gave me nightmares about perverts raping me and drinking my breast milk. Weirdos.

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Please excuse my language in this post but after watching the pile of shite that ripped 3 fucken hours out of my life last night after watching Gangs of New York, I feel I am entitled to a severe venting and just a touch of tourettes.


Oh yeah it was well made as far as pseudo period scenery is concerned and there was loads of violence but the story just ran out of steam and was shite anyway. What the fuck does the film industry think it is foistering on us.


'Starring' Leonardo Di-Fucken-Caprio, and Daniel Day-Lewis, with Martin Scorsese directing. Who the fuck do they think they are and are they somehow proud of being involved in this shite?


Yeah, plenty of violence if you like an overdose of that sort of thing but the storyline was fucken laughable. And what is it with Cameron Diaz in the 'love' scene with DiCaprio. Maybe sucking her man's nipple is supposed to be erotic? Interesting? (as in "I'll Have To Get The Wife To Try That Nifty Move On Me Sometime". Personally I pissed my self larfing at the ernestness of this rather embarrassed looking couple. Oh, and there were absolutely loads and loads of women with their breasts showing but I wasn't sure if they were really putting themselves 'into the part' or not, they just seemed pretty bored and feeling stupid at 'Take 5' or whatever each such scene may have been.


In some respects, as I state, it was well made. The question though is why?


Stars out of ten.


Absolutely Fuck All.

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