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The Last Film You Saw....

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Hurt Locker

This is up for an Oscar as best picture? Was 2009 really that bad for movies? I thought it was very average. Couldn't relate to the characters at all and found myself hoping they'd get shot so that the movie would end. Far too long and drawn out. Editing was poor in places and just plain annoying in others. Hand held camera shots should add something to the scene not make you feel motion sickness. The script just meandered along with no real rhyme nor reason. 4.5/10



i saw Hurtlocker recently too, and have to agree its not a stand out movie and the main character wasnt really very believable, then again ive not been to iraq, cant see it was worth all the nominations. Precious would get my vote although i havnt seen the Coen's film or Up in the Air yet.

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First Man. Not your traditional human spaceflight movie.  From the focus on grief and death, through the scary Captain Shakycam (not a criticism) flight and launch sequences it's not a popcorn mo

Ennio Morricone died last night. The greatest film composer of his time. This was my personal favourite film that he scored, the beautiful Cinema Paradiso. The final scene is a wonderful testament to

Did the dancing scene not even raise a chuckle?

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300, quite a good film shot in the same style as Sin City, which I thought wasn't bad either.

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The lightning theif.

I didn't think it was bad but there were no real stand out moments for me, the mrs quite liked it but she's also a harry potter fan (books more than the films) and the kids thought it was great.

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Up in the Air

Seemed tailor made for Clooney, slick well made film, i guess its a dark rom-com, there was a nice touch part way through where the filming moves to Super8 home movie that gives a warm glow to the characters a contrast to the earlier sterile look in the airports and hotel rooms. There was just something lacking though.


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+1 for D9 it was v enjoyable.


A Serious Man


Coen brothers indulging themselves in their Jewish roots, expertly executed but not their most enjoyable movie at times its a bit of a slog but there are some enjoyable bits and some laughs. I know anyone who is a Coen fan will watch it regardless as i did but be prepared for a bit of naval gazing and increasing your hebrew vocab.




An Education

Chick flick alert! Excellent first date movie, awesome performance by carey mulligan she is very believable and carries the entire film.



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