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The Last Film You Saw....


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Anthropoid - good tense war film. Violence is nasty and has nasty consequences - such is war, but also people love and live in such times, though it often ended sadly. Good 8/10


Eye in the Sky - good premise, probably had a good pitch, but it was slightly flat in its execution. Helen Mirram as a colonel trying to persuade Alan Rickman as a General to browbeat craven nuLabour-esque politicians to allow a US drone under British command to blow the terrorists to kingdom come, but all and sundry are held back by their moral scruples because there is a 9 year old girl standing in front of the target. OK 6/10


Captain Fantastic - really odd, thought provoking film about a hippy survivalist raising his 6 or so children after his wife commits suicide. I think the key scene is where his daughter discusses Lolita with him - she says she is captivated by the book and drawn in and sympathetic to the lead character, but at the same time repulsed because he is justifying child abuse. Is this an analogy for this film - is the film doing the same to us with the character of the father?


Is he a good person, a bad person, should he be admired for what he is doing or condemned. The film is a fascinating insight into both mainstream and alternative US culture. Good 8/10


Me Before You. Good mainstream British film in the Bridget Jones genre but tackling a tougher issue - a man paralysed from the neck down who wishes to travel to Switzerland to die and his new carer trying to persuade him not to. She's a bit too Bridget Jones and the trope of cultured person takes working class lass and expands her horizons is a bit stale, but even so worthwhile with a good mix of silliness, profundity, and social comment. OK 7/10

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I bit the bullet and watched the Ghostbuster extended edition remake.


I tried to keep an open mind...


I last 5 minutes before I had my first WTF?!?! moment. A queef (front bottom fart) joke has no place in Ghostbusters.


The terrible story, the easily forgettable villain, the Scooby-do-esque CGI, the painful script, the childish "jokes", and the atrocious casting choices.


And on that last point, this isn't about them being all women. Its about them being two dimensional characters; they can be summarised as - the black one, the scatty nervous one, the "random" smart one and the fat one that falls down.


An un-necessary remake that is insulting not only to the audience, but to the original material and I am glad that Harold Ramis isn't around to see this abortion of a film.



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I just watched a weird little film called 'wiener dog', which was about the dog and its succession of owners. Came to my attention via a review which described it as a black comedy in which all of the comedy had been ripped out leaving just black.


I wouldnt say ALL of the comedy was gone, but it was at times pretty bleak. Very good though and well worth a watch. Nice to see danny de Vito still doing his thing.

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